Zombies In Real LIfe Prank

Zombies In Real LIfe Prank
Zombies In Real LIfe Prank
Published on 10/18/2017
Zombies In Real LIfe Prank


They think they are funny but wait for somebody that has GUN and this people will truly understand the meaning of real life PRANK :P
Funny until someone uses their Second Amendment
if i'm the one with the golf club,i'm gonna use it to smash his face off
Whole video i was just waiting?, someone hit them on their faces but nàa .disappointment
The golfer was the best
I wouldn't run away cuz you can't ascape zombies
Stupid, what if someone had a gun? It will be cool :))
The way he ran ...
Funny until someone shot them coming with gun 😆😆😆😆😆
I don't see nothing fanny
Yeah but won't be funny when someone uses their fists or a stick or weapon in defence ....
If a person having heart ayyact becomes victiom of this prank then its dangerous to his life
So so funny
That golfer doing acrobatics loool
😂😂😂😂العما عالفيديو بس متت رعبة
I wonder what will happened when somebody actually shoots them in there forehead???
Where the hell is Rick Grimes when you need him lol
ça deviens nul à chier leurs connerie !
Sorry but the whole thing looked fake😒
There is no such thing as zombies, so why are these people running away? Can't they see it's just a bunch of idiots?
Kkkk run run run
The golfer just turned into a rolling ball! Omg 😂😂😂
Disgusting ! People are mad
I would of rush
Lmao right doe
Lol I'm dying.😂😂😂
Real or fake, doesn't matter:
Might of got shot if someone would of been packing!!
The guy near the the trash container is gay😂
Lucky no one had a gun on them.
Jajajaja me 💩💩💩💩
If would be me I'll killing all them
i got heart attack and i am sure i will die on this situation
who is in charge?
Zou helemaal in mn box schijten en janken bah
You and your guns😝
I'm I'm ready for this s*** anytime
It's not fact
My god if u have heart problem you quickly die... its not nice joke..
yeah your right!
At 2:00 when that guy does that comando roll for his life 😂
Hahahahahah epic !!
sorry but not funny
I swear if that happens to me I will use my GUN .
hahaha :D
That's so fucking wicked!!!
That's awesome

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