Your Cheap Friend

Your Cheap Friend
Your Cheap Friend
Published on 11/19/2017
Your Cheap Friend


I don't know why this video just pissed me off…….
If you can't afford to buy yourself food or tip appropriately, stay your ass at home.
If you can't afford to leave a tip you can't afford to go out to eat...
What angers me is when people invite me to dinner knowing I'm not rolling in money, then choose one of the most expensive places in town.
Yes, I want to hang out and get dinner, but not at the most expensive place in town. Why do people do that? Just to show off? :(
Cheap? BROKE is more like it.
I don't like cheap people. But I think there s a difference beetween someone who DOESN'T want to pay and someone who CAN'T pay.
If you can't pay , don t be shy , say it to your friends. Just say :" Ah , sorry I pass I have to save my money for something else." (: Your friends (if they are good one) will understand! That's it!
If you just DON'T want to pay and wish that everbody else is going to pay for you , uh sorry , you're cheap.
You forgot the people who go "I'm only here because there was a deal on groupon" or "I have a coupon for a free appetizer"
That pizza looks good tho.
What a horrible quality to have
Taking the tip from the waiter? What an asshole
I can't afford to eat out everyday. Help me I'm poor. I think it's JUST AS BAD as the friend who's fucking rich keeps inviting the broke friend out to eat at the 4 star restaurant every couple of days. Fker u know my situation, why shove it in my face. Literally. Don't touch my fking bread. More water.
As a server, we need less people like this.
Kanye when he has to pay for others.
Cheap Friend "Remember that time in 7th grade my mom took you home?"
Me: "yeah I think!"
Cheap Friend: "Well you never gave her gas money then but, it's cool you can spot me now! "
Me: "Bitch! You got a better chance of walking out on this meal!"
I don't understand how there are people here validating this. It's not okay to mooch off people. And afford to eat out, then don't. End of story. I don't care about everybody's life story backgrounds and trials and tribulations. When you have the means then go out if you don't cook at home.why should somebody else who has more money have to spot you? Just because someone else is well-off doesn't mean they have to help you out. And people are implying that rich people don't know what it's like to work hard which is really annoying. As if rich people never struggled before. People need to stop playing the whole, oh woe is me game. Stop assuming that because someone is Rich that they've had everything handed to them. The people that are mooching are the ones having things handed to them. Unless you have made some kind of prearrangement that your friends are going to pay for you all the time, then it is definitely not okay. is no validation to this so stop trying to make one
Yeah, that's the friend that wouldn't get invited to anything anymore. Sorry, but that is triflin'. Talking about he's not getting anything but eats off of everybody and tries to find ways to avoid pitching in. Nope, that person gets cut off. End of story.
Lmao people think just because you're cheap you're broke. IM TRYNA STAY RICH BITCH
Idk about you guys, but I'm not the cheap friend, I'm the "can't seem to get employed BROKE friend".
I'm a cheap person, i look for deals, i look for sale off days, i wait for seasons, i compare prices, but when it comes to hanging out with some buddies, i always gotta be fair! Being a cheap person doesn't necessarily means a bad thing!
He looks more like an inconsiderate cheap friend who complains a lot. just stay home
So annoying! I can't stand "friends" like that ughhh
Bullshit cheap ass ppl. Can't afford to pay or tip dont go out
Or the guy that always wants you to buy the "first round" and "they'll get the next one" but never do haha
All the ppl complaining about how much waiters get paid..... maybe u should find another job that pays you well.
*Broke friend. This is why I seldom go to restaurants other than fast food with certain friends.
If you're too broke to tip, then you're too broke to go out!
When it is about food, you can't be cheap!
Nothing wrong with being cheap. I save so much money
Fuck you bitch. Just because I don't want to spend $32 on food ? You can give me back your presents then if you're gonna call me cheap. Daniel Novak
What an asshole
If you're on a tight budget then you have no business going out to eat. Going out with cheap people is super embarrassing ! My friend brought her cheap friend along for dinner to a sushi place and he ordered one California roll with water .... Needless to say he contributed to eating our appetizers without sharing the tab... And he didn't tip. We have never hung out with him since.
This is me. I have no shame.
He is obviously broke and stated that many times in the video. If he were my friend I would give the guy pizza, free of charge. I feed the homeless so I'll feed my broke friend.
If i had a dollar for every time this happened... That would be the tip for the server... Meaning im usualy the only one that leaves tips and have to tell my friends to give me money to tip the waiter/ress seriously pisses me off sometimes especialy when they are good lol
And nobody wants that kinda friend like they show in the video. That's annoying and embarrassing
If you can't figure out which one of your friends is the cheap one, it's probably you.
I know I am cheap without noticing it haha, habit I guess. BUT, I always tip, and I NEVER take it back, that's too cheap even for me.
There's always the dollar menu at a fast food restaurant for all the cheap people... or you can eat at home.
I hate people like that and there's always one!!!
That's the friend that needs to stay at home
When your server brings the check, you all push it around like the ouija board
Don't go out to eat if you can't afford it. Simple.
So rude not to tip 👎
It made me cringe watching this... I rather go where somewhere they can afford, but I think in this vid he's just being a cheapo...
"might as well just take both"
It is infuriating when people do this. Holy fuck just get away from me and my table.
That pizza looks amazing! Buzzfeed employees are so lucky to have good food and fun everyday lol
Okayokayokay I'm just gonna put this out there that it isn't cute or funny or something to be proud of being cheap like this. I've worked in the restaurant industry since I was 15 and a really good majority of what I make comes from tips. There is nothing more frustrating than giving good service and getting shitty (or no) tips. Not to mention the tips don't go just to the servers; we have to tip out the bartender, bussers, and hostess. Eating out is a luxury and there is no reason for anyone to go out to eat when they can't afford it. It's better to just stay home and make food for yourself. And even though I'm a college student surviving solely on tips and scholarships, I always tip my servers 20% cause even if it dents my wallet, it was my decision to eat out. Not mad at anyone, I just want to give some perspective of what it's like to be on the other side of this situation!
If I ever have a friend like that please send him along with me to hell.
If you are inviting your friend out to a place you know they can't afford then you need to be willing to pay for their meal. Just let them know not to order the most expensive shit they can find. As for tips I firmly believe good service gets you a good tip regardless of how much money I actually spent on food. You give me shitty service you don't get a tip. That's the whole point.
I got really pissed off when he took money out of the servers book. Rude as fuck.

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