You just had to knock!

You just had to knock!
You just had to knock!
door lol
Published on 11/24/2017
You just had to knock!


I want that door
whoever installed that door did a extra good job
Hadi be Rezil Olduk amk :D :D
Why not break the glass and reach in to unlock the door?
All Cops Are Bastards.
That door is prob illegal in the USA. They want to be able to kick it down easily.
That's a door
Wonder if the homeowner has to buy swat a new ramrod? Wtf!!
That was definitely not made in China.
Haha yhat shit was funny. Who over was in there had enough time to.make a sandwich and take a shit and watch a episode of spongebob :-)
Door ..Made in Germany :D
Didnt knoe Nokia made doors too hahaha
I know everybody in the house had the go to jail just because they couldn't get in
opened the door like a boss
Shhhiiittt we ned them doors here in AmeriKKKa
This is an advert for steel doors in Turkey
That door is the truth!!
Thats a bad ass door
Türkiye amk normal :)
Where can I get a door like that!!?
What's the name of that door company?
Where the hell can I buy doors and locks that strong?!
I want that front door!!
After that embarrassment they went in the house like they hard lol
ummm I think they are gone by now dummies lol
When you give ordinary police tactical military gear they start acting like a war regime with shiny toys that just has to be used on regular citizens o_O
Kieran Donnelly Dylan Hand Dean Hackett Sean Courtney
Omar Hernandez Jordan Jones Gabriel Ramirez some weak as cops lol
Fiorenzo Alessandro Fabio ahahahahahah
Bahahaha I want a door like that
Pengsue Vang we need a door like this
That's a solid fucking door lol
LMFBO!!! Great advertisement for who ever hung that door!!! Lol
Lol I know they was mad as fuck good
That's just too damn funny!!!! not sure which I like the most how long it took them to bang the door or hearing it being unlocked...luv it
I need a door like that. I wish a nigga would try to come in. Have you sittin out there lookin dumb as hell.
Where you get that door from ... i need one of those.
Oguzhan Erman Ömer 😂😂😂😂
Efren Galvez. . . Lol, both it looks like ha ha. You could hear the guy inside yell "come in, its open". . . Lol.
Sergio Meraz
Hell of a frame and lock system!!!! Lol
Damn, el chapo need it a door like that :)
That old man was like uhhh...
where that door at.... need that front n back
Hahahaha 😂
maybe ghetto should be defined before the video is watched ... js .
That's a tough door
Hahahahahah Exodus Demic
Lmao Epic fail!! Eric Duran

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