“You Don’t Look Like Your Profile Picture”

“You Don’t Look Like Your Profile Picture”
“You Don’t Look Like Your Profile Picture”
Published on 11/17/2017
“You Don’t Look Like Your Profile Picture”


"How are you going to have a pussy party without cats!?" There is no chill.
He is just pissed about losing that dominos discount!! Lmao
No more discounts at Dominoes?!?! You gotta go, sweetheart.
If he likes fat chicks with cats and facial hair, I'm here
Ladies and gentlemen, life is a never-ending plot twist.
oh how the tables have turned...
Lmao that went the complete opposite way that I had imagined. Ugh not that kind of pussy party!
what the fuck is an "organic fair trade gluten free muffin".
"How are you gonna have a pussy party without cats, Laura!"
Y'all know dang well that is usually the other way around. The person has an older picture of them smaller. But lmfao at pussy party!
I hate when people say that to me.
Like yes I look like my profile picture if I have my face like that all the time in good lighting😂😂
Profile pictures are spose to be the best of people.
I work at dominos & I find this offensive *sarcasm*
"Because, you're gonna need it." So sassy. 😂😂
No discounts and no cats for the pussy party? Bye bye
Hahaha! That's the reverse of real life. Usually it's the other way around, beautiful profile pic and not so glam in real life. :-D
Shes the girl who won americas next top model of the cycle 19
Hahah she's hot as fuck
I get that all the time.
She looks familiar , she was on top model .
love the flip on this, haha.
Don't you hate when the pu$$ies parties get cancelled.?
😂😂😂😂😂😂 I like how the switched it around
I thought this video was gonna be the opposite where the girl in the profile pic is stunning and in person is not at all like the profile pic. lmfao jokes on me
Lol what
Please share?
Tanner and I went to the same highschool, no we never talked. Not even one word. But boy did I have a crush on him! Mmm! Lol. Anywhom. In july/august of 2013 Tanner messaged me on fb, asking about the guard (he was deployed at the time) from that moment, I was stuck. This sweet man took time from his sleep or just free time to talk to me, soon he asked me to be his girlfriend, I said yes of course, and in October of 2013 he asked me to marry him, over Facebook, lol but I said yes. Through the next few months we planned our wedding, over fb and skype. Now mind you, Tanner graduated in 2010 and I hadn't seen him in person since that year and vise versa. We saw each other for the first time, 2 weeks before our wedding, on April 21st 2014 we were married, Tanner was stationed in Italy still, so he went back and I went to visit for a month, I had to come home. So Tanner and I finally we reunited for good (or so we thought ) in august of 2014. We then moved to Fort Campbell, where we immediately found out deployment was sneaking up on us again. Then came air assault, and then jrtc, by the time Christmas and new year came and went It was February and he was leaving again. 9 months later he came home, now here we are, celebrating our 3rd valentine's day, and I know it's crazy, but out of the almost 3 years we've been together, we've been apart more than not. This is our first official valentine's day where we get to be together, so yes, if you could please like, share and tag as many friends ss possible, we would be more than appreciative
Hahahaha love this! "No not that kinda pussy party!" Priceless lmao
How are you going to have a pussy party without cats, Laura!
But cats are the shit
And that ladies and gents is why you always Skype first
Wow totally not what I expected at all well played
He may be gay..
Great allegory of society
This is so cruel...
Were Are YOU!!??
He is a sick *****
damnit laura!
isn't she from americas next top model?
Now there's a twist I didn't see coming! Good for you Mr.!
Hahah don't laugh it's happened to m before 😆😝😜
No man in the history of men would have done that

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