Published on 12/10/2017


She's Filipino! :D She's my Friend/Schoolmate ♥
She's talented,i love how she move..love from Indonesia hehe!!keep it up girls😄
My favorite part... Cute pose
She's Filipina, and this is her Facebook account ...
Robby Karl Legaspi lakas ng boses mo ha narinig ko pa .. Bianca Mairah G. Motas nasa dubsmash,more fun,bassilyo kna at madami pang page.. Million na mga like at mga views mo dami pang comment 10k ... Famous idol ... Galing galing 👏👏
She's Filipino! :D She's my Friend/Schoolmate
That's d dance move no need to show the inner parts or butts or wearing mini minis.
Hey Indonesian's look at this news 😂😪
Mas ok to panoorin!
Her name is Bianca mairah G. Motas... Pilipina... Not Indonesian.. Lol
How can she dance and still look pretty at the same time? 😭😭
yan dapat hndi ung papogi paganda!!!
Song name?
Proud to be pinoy comments incoming *grabs popcorn*
คนไทยมีไหม ครับ
She's from phils❤
she from the philippine ,shes my classmate blah blah blah no one freaking ask -.-
proud to be torresian XD
Si kuya sa likod ♡
She is so talented in dancing. at least she is doing something good. unlike other vids that I ever watched from Semenanjung Msia, 2 girls are fighting over boys. Such a waste of times.
Itu anak sd vrohh?
She's pretty💗
i know she is Pinoy.
we (Indonesia) have the same dancer idol here, Fay Nabila
check her video
Nice moves 😍😍 see u don't have to be naked to dance nice great job girl..:)
Anung name nya <3 ^^ :D
She has a talent.Can be a professional dancer someday. Keep it up (y)
What this song? Please answer me
She is bianca 😂😍
amzing girl :)
I love when little kids dance like this. Instead of "twerking" and all tha other stuff. It warms my heart. She's just enjoying being a kid. 😍👏
Siya nag dala
Shoutout to this beautiful girl and her parents. She's not doing any provocative dancing, lengthy clothing, Having fun and being classy about it. Hope the best for her 💯
I shared this video before these pages shared it. Omg! Fan girl here 😍😂 @Bianca Mairah G. Motas notice me senpai 😘
If you see it you'll shit bricks..
pati ba naman to aangkinin na ng Indonesia at China? HAHAHA grabe pati si Charice inangkin na nila anu ba prob nila sa Filipino Talent?! :)))
dancing doll :)
This is DOPE! 😍
i get distructed with that gay
Kaya naman palang mag twerk gamit ang katawan hindi mukha e. Keep it up ate. TAGA PILIPINAS YAN. (y)
WHAT song??
Awesome...you got a talent
Babe uwe kana di na ako galit! ☺♥
magcocover pa tayo ng twerk it like miley ♥♥♥ uhhhhh ☺
Isang araw lalabas ka na sa isang TV network. Segurado ako dyan! O mga talent scouts hanapinnyo na 'to. Bigyan ng pakakataon na nakakita ang talent ng bayan ito. Am sure sa uniporme pa lang ay sa public school ito nag aaral.
ganon sana! 👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻 hindi yung puro dubsmash at dubself nalang tapos puro zoom in & out lang ginagawa 😄😄
Yan ang patunay ng babaeng hnde pabebe :) hndi puro kalandiang sayaw lng alam :) nice galeng
I entered Filipino Emotionocons and ended up here so have to say GO Girl Your doing a great job WOW
SAN MIGUEL NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL, Puerto Princesa City PALAWAN Philippines po ito :)
Ilocana po siya! Kuston kunana:-)

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