WTF: Guy Fooling Around With News Broadcast Equipment!

WTF: Guy Fooling Around With News Broadcast Equipment!
WTF: Guy Fooling Around With News Broadcast Equipment!
Published on 11/19/2017
WTF: Guy Fooling Around With News Broadcast Equipment!


That's why police shoot them and then they are crying that they were really good kids
The fact that he threatened a female for trying to keep him from putting his hands on things that aren't his makes him a worthless piece of shit, not the fact that he is black. Generally speaking though, disrespect is the general attitude towards everyone including each other, that's why you don't get any in return.
Why these thugs think their cool with the little thots laughing in the background
Stupid ass ignorant ape
All I saw was a floating white sweater with glowing eyes and teeth..
Shoot them all
Thts one nigga I would of shot without hesitation
internet cowards.
Lol he a fool for that. Talkin like mike tyson an shit😂😂
Whats with all the Mexicans being racist, this ain't Barrio fights & Crazy videos. If you don't like the content kick rocks
Nigka must B frm ny home of da soft nigkas
Fuckin spook
that shit is expensive .....
Wow some nigs are dumb. Did you hear that sentence structure? That's embarrassing. Keep sellin crack on the corner, because i doubt you will be good at anything else.
He's a "gentle giant"
Look Look it's a piece of Doo.. Doo that talks..!!
Wow what a great fight that was.
Lucky that girl didn't shove that mic in his ass for acting a plum fool!! (Then say what do you think? ) lol
He stupid Lmmfao
Now if someone shot his ass he would be innocent and people would riot for no reason
No wonder cops shoot them lol!
Idiot. Pos.
Bullying the News lady. Take their equipment and say vulgar things on the mike. That was okay. They were just supposed to be okay with that and had no right to stop you. But when they say something to you and try to get their equipment back you get upset with them as if they had no right to say something.
You are a piece of shit.
you dont look white they'll shot your ass too lmao
And what if he was white what's the comments then
Sounds like that dude got a dick in his mouth and he's talking about someone else sucking sick. What a punk BITCH. Get a job and stop messing with people trying to doing their JOB.
Thats some funny shit fuck all u haters
Why do people have to be so ignorant
The news broadcast would've been better if it was him
She was generous enough to make him use it..
But then on the other hand we have the white and hispanic kids that kills their parents ,shoots up entire schools and movie theaters and military bases and get away with that.... Oh yea i forgot THEIR family cry the same thing.....IT goes both ways man yes disrespect is disrespect but leave that race stuff out of it
Dwag let the girl do her job yo smh I hate gettho rats fam
Dumbass motherfuckers
you guys are sensitive little bitches on here the news feeds you bullshit anyway hahahahahahahahahahaha jokes on you
you racist fucks can die off the earth no one will miss you
Tone gibson
Sooo sick of these uncivilized Animals doing whatever they want. When ever they want to whom ever they want and thinking they have the right to do so. Have some class asshole.
You're giving good hearted Black folks a bad name every time you do something ignorant.
Anddd that's why they get shot
Tough teddy bear man lol

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