Wrestling is fake right?

Wrestling is fake right?
Wrestling is fake right?
ppl move fight
Published on 10/22/2017
Wrestling is fake right?


That's probably made out of aluminum and it's quarter inch thick he can't lift it but cam launch it your retarded I'd u think its not
It's a bullshit of course.I think ppl know about this from a long time ago.First of all there is no blood at all.So it means they are all immortal. Ppl who know UFC can prove that after even not that powerful punch can bleed some parts of the face.There are no black eyes after such a fist hit into a face. Seriously??? And if you still believe in this fake shit try to go out on the street and start REAL fight with anybody but not weaker than you and then when you will be almost dead find a mirror and have fun about your believe.There are no immortal ppl so some of the fighters over there should be dead already. So never ask questions if you already know the answer.
Ellana Moroca
Mohshin Hussain
That is fake most of it's fake but some of it is real
Gd job. Cena
That is fake but most of it is not
Yes its fake ita all for the kids if u call that fighting u off u head
Highly trained to make moves look real
Its scripted but the moves are real
yup...and the fights are even fake...in wwe...but some mistakes during matches had lead to some major problems...people say TNA wrestling is real
It is
How the fuck is that fake? Funny videos

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