Wrecking Ball Kitten Edition

Wrecking Ball Kitten Edition Vine By: Hayden Hoey
Wrecking Ball Kitten Edition
Published on 11/24/2017
Wrecking Ball Kitten Edition
Vine By: Hayden Hoey


Ohmygosh! Report this for animal abuse!!!!
No poor innocent animal should be forced to listen to Miley Cyrus!
to all the "poor cat" commenters; grabbing a cat by the loose skin on the back of it's neck does not harm them in any way, it is, in fact, the way their mothers would carry them around as babies.
So either quit whining, chill your tits or cry to the RSPCA.
Waiting for some dumb bitch to be like "omg animal abuse"
Being the cat lover I am, I see no harm done to this kitten. So calm down, they are born with that extra skin. It doesn't hurt them, their mother carries them like that anyways. The kitten is a okay. Lol
This doesn't hurt a kitten at all! Un-educated people....
Who else was like me and look at the comments to see any idiot saying this cruelty to animals or abuse... Even though the mom holds their young like this.
It's a kitten. And that's how their mothers carry them. Not to mention it hit the book going like 1mph
im waiting for the "animal abuse" comnents
Anyone who thinks this is animal abuse is retarded. It doesn't hurt kittens when you pick them up like that that's why their mothers do it that way.
This is cruel.... I dont understand people these days.... Using books other than reading. Shame on you.
Brace yourselves, animal rights comments are comming
Anyone else feel bad for the kitty?
You gotta be kiten me, right meow.
Picking a kitten up by the scruff does not hurt them. Their mothers do it...with teeth.
lol when you hold a kitten by the back of its neck like mothers do with their kittens, endorphin's are released into their body making them feel relaxed. that was for all you ignorants who feel bad for the kitty.
here come the animal abuse comments.
And it's not animal cruelty... Their mothers pick them up that way when they want to move them. They have extra skin there for that reason. Smh
here comes the animal abuse comments...
Here come the "THEY'RE HURTING IT" comments
I hate people who hold cats like that
like if you're against animal abuse :( " no one or thing deserve to listen to miley cyrus even satan it self"
Here comes the animal abuse comments.
I know it doesn't hurt the kitten, but I still don't like the way you held him....
Just so everyone knows that doesn't hurt them so quit bitching
like if you're leaning on your left arm :3
Apparently, only us Cat Lovers understand that this isn't hurting them. so we are the only ones laughing. xD
LMC if you wanna be facebook famous
Then follow me in like one of my statues
and i will share you :')
maybe somebody should grab you by the NAP of your neck and f****** use you as a goddamn wrecking ball
People who think that hurts them are sadly mistaken. Their mothers carry them like that and when they go limp, it's because of a chemical in their brain that makes them relax. You guys are idiots.
Still better than miley cyrus
This is the natural way to hold a kitten. Its the same thing their parents do, theyre not being harmed.
he caused a CATastrophe? anyone? no? ok....
Am I the only one who thinks "Poor kitty" when I see someone holding a cat like that? o.o
okay so people are sauing this is animal abuse
no okay mothers grab their kittens by the scruff of the neck and pick them up like that to move them
/with their mouths/
//with sharp cat teeth//
look at how docile and calm this kitten is
i want you to do something for me
if you have a cat go grab it gently by the scruff of its neck (dont pick it up unless its very young because you might choke it though)
guaranteed it will sink to the ground and stop whatever its doing
its relaxing for cats because its what their mothers did to them as kittens
if anything this is the opposite of animal abuse
Here come the Animal Abuse comments...
I am the only one who thinks, people just dont care about their pets and just make an stupid video? Please no more vines with little poor animals
Let the animal rights nazi's commence with the "omg abuse abuse" comments. assholes please shut up and go away.
Okay to those saying that THIS is cruel have obviously never had cats or if they have, have not a clue that this doesnt hurt the kitten in any way shape or form. They have extra skin/fat as kittens so the mother can carry them easier and without causing harm. A kitten who gets pick up like that has a natural instinct to immediately curl into the fetal position, again, to make it easier for the mom to carry it. So please stop saying this ia cruel because its not. Ive seen many a mom carry kittens in such a manner amd trust me, they are far more rough than this person her was. I have 4 cats and all from kittens and have had cats my entire life, plus worked at my local animal shelter for 5yrs. This isnt cruel. Its cute and funny.
People are so butthurt.. If you ever see a mother cat hold her kittens, she grabs them by the "scruff" of there neck, which is what the person is doing. Not harming it. Hop off.
You've cat to be kitten me right meow...
Anna Mariia Morrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr=)))))))))))))))))
valaki gta kolcsonbe ?
Lol wtf people how is this cruel. Kittens have extra skin on their neck. Their mothers carry them like that. Yall some uneducated muthafuckas lol
Poor kitten.
Peta hasn't commented yet, it's a miracle.
you cat to be kitten me right meow
poor cat :\

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