Wow... Only In Japan.

Wow... Only In Japan.
Wow... Only In Japan.
Published on 10/19/2017
Wow... Only In Japan.


It is good Heidi is from Japan, not from a country where they have Yulin in it and even held as a FESTIVAL!
I really admire Japanese. They really appreciate animals, time n nature. Thats why their country is well-develop. Really want to travel to japan.
Jai, only in japan :P
And even maybe her salary would be greater than mine :P
Y all cool things in Japan like anime I crie I crie
Japan is the best country to live
So true animal help reduce stress .. Wow !!! Amazing boss !
China should learn from Japan how they appreciate animals like the friends....
That's it! Im going to Japan!
Sayonara people!
i got a cat on my workplace ... and it sleep most of the time -_- , but its ok haha
Japanese know how to respect people cute i wish i could have responsible and cute dog too...
Wow , amazing boss , good job Heidi :)
Everything about Japan is great!!
Quite typical for IT companies in New Zealand here, to have office dogs. People just bring in their pets with the authorisation of the people in the office.
Been in about three workplaces out of six in Wellington that have office dogs.
Major distraction though 😂
No people, in Japan they should be hugging and giving affection to their own kids , they live in depression and are killing themselves because the excessive pressure of success from their parents and no affection, however this dog therapy is ok .
japan is the best because japan is the most powerful armt in the world
Cute! Hehe only in Japan Michael
But they slaughter dolphins, whales, and sharks (just for their fins). Yeah, Japan is just wonderful........
Jazel buti pa yun dog may trabaho. Tayo nganga. HAHAHAHA! :-P
Nicole lets go work to japan!!!!
Japan tetep inget lis apalagi x ne ketekan wow luar binasa .....
Simona Promberga the only good thing about Japan, ever.
Yea its true Because of fast economic growth and their working culture Japanese have lot of stress.. also Japan has the highest rate of suicides because of their stress... i suggest every office in the world we should employee more Heidis...☺💐
Tracy Bravo Tanesha Tuft I will bring my dog to work to lower the stress we have. I would say Tuft could bring hers but we all know he's gonna cause more stress and drama....we have enough of both
Literally can happen in Japan only.
Courtney Onyett more reasons you should go to Japan
Stefanie, Kelly, even Japan has dogs in offices. This video looks like it was taken in the 90s too. We're so behind.
wow amazing thots by the company
Very nice japan gvrment dog is very special thanks
What happens to Heidi now. Where is she going to live or did they just replace her with a younger dog. I hope their boss takes her home. Where does she go at night and on the weekends and holidays?
Dogs and cats were never meant to be prey for humans. All dogs descended from wolves. Wolves are predators. They eat people if they get lost in the woods. I hope the wolves find all of you that think dogs are an animal to eat. They were bred out to be domesticated as pets and guardians. NOT as food. Dumbass fucking people. Cats are domesticated from big cats in Africa. Same thing. They were bred out to be mousers in farms and help with over run rodent populations. NOT food. The cattle you talk about were always hunted by natives and chickens for eggs and such. If I see one more fucking video with people torturing dogs and cats I might lose my fucking mind. Respect the lineage, you jackasses.
Thanks my favorite SISTA in law! I guess there R other crazy dog lovers in this world beside just you and me! If everybody could take their dog to work we would all enjoy our jobs
Your people in japan it's so amazing.
Jessie only in japan, watch! 👍
I read comments about how the cruel Chinese eat dogs and how the loving Japanese "appreciate" animals... I am guessing NONE of you heard about the #COVE and the torture and cruelty Japanese government and some people and fishermen cast upon the #DOLPHINS in #TAIJI Perhaps you should Google these terms and read from #RicOBarry Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project and see it for yourself before praising them so much for keeping a dog in an office.
So true! At a recent student sit(study)-in the acting dean brought in doughnut holes and a puppy. Long after the doughnut holes were gone, the puppy was still making students smile through their non-violent protest.
Most of the Indians are not pet lovers. When you see what street dogs go thru everyday you will realize that Indians have a long way to go! Same Indians who encourage their kids to pour milk and honey on the Statues of Gods, will not say a word when their kids throw a stone and chase poor mongrels.
De hecho hoy anduvo de "trabajoso" y luego se fue a comer con nosotros a casa de mis papas y luego a tomar una siesta. Desde que es económicamente activo se ha vuelto más exigente 😅
I think America should allow people to bring their own pets to work; if not, a work place dog and cat should be standard in every company workplace as long it is a safe and suitable environment.
Good thing Inez u allow us to have 2 cats, 18 chickens and one aggressive ass rooster that definitely reduces my stress! Lol
Need a few here for sure! They have therapy dogs for patients so what about the rest of us! Jackson would love to come to work and help people... With their lunch!
Aww thats soo cool! Why is it that Japan is the country that does things so much better than Western?
Peter Okafor omg the office looks so clean and bright and lively with plants. This is so cute ahaha retirement of the company sheep dog
Wow, heidi's salary must be more than me. So sad.
Only in Japan hehehe Thè Losër
Watch this Hanny the dog has a job, that is to remove the stress of the workers, so cuteeee ^__^
awesome!!!!!!! glad we have one of these at our workplace, imagine how we could get all the dogs out of shelters if this actually became a regular occurrence!!!!!
Guys there is only one company doing this so please don't think all working places look like this , you would be surprised ;(

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