Would ya drive it?!

Have a gander inside Blue Leasing's Peterbilt 389
Would ya drive it?!
Published on 12/11/2017
Have a gander inside Blue Leasing's Peterbilt 389


Worthless for any real application. Just a toy
If you don't have two boxes you don't need two sticks just my opinion.
WAYYYYY to much wheelbase
sweet ride,but he cant shift so how does he keep it together?
David Adorno Jr.
That little bitty sleeper reminds me of the Texas Aluminum days, the dash board is close, but the wheel base would not let me get through the streets in Baltimore, DC, Boston , or NYC!
Chris Franco Shannon Hampton Charlie Webb
Junk, Impractical
Yes I would
Arturo Colon
make a good tipper
Jeff Smith Ricky Seifert
Abdul Ghaffar Bahri
What a beautiful toy.
how old are these style trucks that use twin shifters? and is it for high and low range?
Jo Jo Nault
Tania Buschl
Shows pride in his ride lookin great
Monte Washington
Esto es una máquina Andy Briales. Transporte Cotto. Juan Torres
Oh yeah I would drive it!
Two sticks , hell yes , that's how I learned ! Sweet ride !
Este trailer es americanistaaaaaaaa
NO. To long and hard to maneuver. To much cost and labor involved in keeping it polished. Fenders like to shred into a million pieces if you have a blow out. Couldn't afford the insurance on it and if I could, I wouldn't want to spend that kind of money on a truck. I can make the same money he does with a 2005 stock Freightliner and curtain-side drop deck YET... take home more money because I don't have to spend all the extra to "look pretty".
Shane McGrath
Blue and yellow is there any uglier combination
I love it send it to me in Jamaica
This guy Polish or what? Nice truck, shitty colors.
Ryan Henderson
Hell yeah i would drive it
in Australia that would be classed as an oversize because of the length....I don't really see the point of such a long wheel base it would just make it a prick to drive...round corners anyway
Have a wank over this Jupey!? Zac Coad
eso tiene mas relojes que un avion
Dr. Shine must have dialed that thing in!
Beautiful hey Kenneth Spoon Stewart
Yes. I would
Darren Hendricken
There would be no steering with a good load
Pero como q esos colores para un trailer no van o q? Pablo Campos!
Yep. My wheelbase is 235". Makes it hard to get around sometimes. The tanks arnt to big. Not going far. The twin sticks went out years ago. But yes I would drive it.
F****** right I would. Drive. It
Cody Grantham Dale Melton Jr
Looks like Kevin Pfeffer himself rollin in behind em!!!
Glenn Martyn
It's nice for show, but doesn't look very practical to drive
Okay,were the key's.

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