Worst Luck Ever in GTA 5

Worst Luck Ever in GTA 5
Worst Luck Ever in GTA 5
gta lol luck
Published on 12/10/2017
Worst Luck Ever in GTA 5


Jesus Christ, what did you do before this? Kill a box of puppies?
Completely wasted lol
Least he had a cool song on his radio at the start
plays gta v .....
I lost it when the plane door slammed him XD
this never gets old
Someone just mod that guy to look like this...That was not his day.
this is what being a terrorist is like, so much bombing everywhere, even from your own team
thats me everytime
me af
That was so EPIC!
Gues it ain't his best day...
bad luck
it was bad luck brian playing.....
hollyy fuck :P
Joseph King That'd be you if you played gta
Koba shemecoda masti :D
That was close.
Nøør Ălđëën حظي بالحياه ههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه
I don't remember filming this...
oh man, you werent kidding LOL
atlest you completed the stunt jump
Steph Darland OMGAWD POOR DUDE SOMEONES GETTING BULLIED HARD Nick does this remind of the time i broke the titans door on your skull xD
hahahahahahaha dam ıt
Aaron Landry Our life in a nutshell
@ Douglas Ian Curtis GTA Online sieht nach ner Menge Spaß aus
Frederik William Wergeland Emil Wara Midtlyng Håvard Åstum Wahl Vegard Lien HHAHAHHA
Matt Allen David Wilson
Ahmed Ben Nacef Hamza Saafi
Stu Lucey Tony Cox Fuck me thats funny, reminds me of our gta games!
Zain when everything goes wrong
Alex im laughing
Nicholas Curley kids without Pegasus vehicles be like

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