Women Who Sparked Your Sexual Awakening

Women Who Sparked Your Sexual Awakening
Women Who Sparked Your Sexual Awakening
Published on 11/17/2017
Women Who Sparked Your Sexual Awakening


Danny Phantom did it for me.👻👻 I think EVERYONE had a crush on him at at least one point in their life.💚💚💚
No Jessica rabbit? Hello?
" Lola bunny is still hot "
I had the meanest crush on Trunks from Dragonball Z. But then I realized how annoying Vegeta was and didn't want that in a father in law.
The hottest cartoon to me was Max from a goofy movie! Super hot! We were in a committed relationship.
Kimberly the pink ranger was my first girl crush. <3
Binx from Hocus Pocus.
Princess Jasmine? When she tried seducing Jaffar in that red outfit...
Paul Walker ): he was my sexual awakening and my first real crush on older men.
Not to mention Zuko from ATLA
Zuko when he got rid of his ponytail was when everything happened <3
1. Ryan Philippe--Cruel Intentions
2. Joshua Jackson--Dawson's Creek
3. Justin Timberlake--ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING HE DOES--but it all started with his Top Ramen hair in "Tearin' Up My Heart".
Tuxedo Mask from Sailor moon 😰👍
Kelly Kapowski!!
I had a crush on Ash from Pokemon 😂
Kelly from saved by the bell 🙌🙌
this video doesnt look safe
Leonardo DiCaprio (even back in his sitcom days) and Johnny Depp were my first legit Hollywood crushes. And JT, lol.
I totally remember Life Size! 😂
Surprised no one said Jessica rabbit
Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider 😍😍😍
I always found Jonny Bravo Hot ! 😍
Roxanne from a Goofy Movie. There, I said it.
"women" *shows rabbit on thumbnail*
I had the biggest crush on Goku Yami Yugi and inuyasha lol
Harley Quinn from the Batman cartoon, hrrrrrng!!!!
Fiona Apple😍😍😍
Hands down Jessica Rabbit
Buffy. Also goth Willow.
Lita WWF
Trunks, Vegeta, Piccolo (from Dragon ball z) and Angel from buffy the vamp slayer. I regret nothing
Cheesecake did it for me
Gordo from Lizzie McGuire ♥
Princess Leah for sure from Return of the Jedi....
Stacy Kiebler and Tory Wilson on WWE lol
Johnathan Taylor Thomas all the way!
Natalie Portman in Star Wars!
mine was the movie "the mask of zorro" and i found catherine zeta jones and antonio banderas both super hot
I'm surprised that no one said Melissa Joan Hart (Clarissa explains it all), Summer Sanders (Figure it out), Cristina Applegate (Married with children)
Hands down it always has been JOHNNY DEPP! 😍
Ellen Degenerous and Emma Stone...Robin Thicke and Leonardo DiCaprio
In 7th grade my Science teacher showed us a video with a Rubes Goldberg machine and at the end there was a title card that said "XVideos .com". So.
Jennie Garth on 90210... she whispered so awesomely
Did they seriously just forget about Jessica Rabbit? I mean come on!!
Bruhhhhhh. Rufio from Hook. Hello!
Tila Tequila
Natalie portman the professional
I know a few guys who would name Sarah Jessica Parker in Hocus Pocus as their "sexual awakening"

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