Women Read Playboy For The First Time

Women Read Playboy For The First Time
Women Read Playboy For The First Time
Published on 12/11/2017
Women Read Playboy For The First Time


"That poor horse... He didn't want to be part of this."
They should have guys read Playgirl next haha
Ummmm don't post a video like this unless you are gonna let us see the pics uncensored... that is all...
"Objects of art" is definitely an overstatement when referencing playboy
"Are we supposed to read the articles?"😂😂😂😂
I used to be up in arms about things like maxim and playboy being degrading to women. But then I made myself an Instagram account. I now realize we're more then willing to just degrade ourselves for no pay at all. Just a simple double tap is more then enough payment to convince most girls to be worthless wh.ores
Playboy isn't porn!!! Lol seriously tho! You may see some boobs, ass and vagina but you will never see a girl spread out for you to actually see her goods and you will never see any of the girls in it having sex. People act like they've never seen a naked human being before! How old are we?! These women are beautiful in my opinion. 😍
"I'm into more traditional, like hipster" 😂
This isn't the first time the women looked at porn xD i can assure you that much lol.
The funny thing is, is that playboy used to put actual good articles written by notable columnist and journalist within their magazine. Interesting fact was that one of Martin Luther King Jr.'s last interviews was to Playboy magazine
uhhhh ---- I think you mean GIRLS read Playboy for first time -- those are not women
too late censor at 0:45
how nice of you
Fun fact about Playboy, a lot of really well known authors got their start by writing - or having their writing, featured in Playboy. Or really just were featured in the magazine at all. Playboy did Q&A section with Martin Luther King Jr. 1965. It featured writers like Jack Kerouac, Ray Bradbury, Vladimir Nabokov, and and funnies by "up and comer" Woody Allen.
Maybe not so much anymore, but back in the day Playboy had pretty ladies AND awesome content. ;)
Lmao!! 80's BIG bush!
i like how everything is censored with "omg"
That one girl said "I like more traditional like....kind of hipster...." Since when is hipster traditional?
This bunch was not the best for this video. I like the concept, but these girls are too square in their attempt to be funny, sarcastic or insightful
I had no idea they had articles lmao i thought it was just naked women. I would not mind looking at one. Matter of fact, i think i just might buy my first. 😏
booobbbbssss ...
I've found playboy magazines in our room when cleaning. Looked through it and couldn't stand it. Threw them away. I know the women make tons of money and good for them but somehow I can't help but feel that it's degrading. I don't know why.
Key problem with society now a days is said by one girl "I'm trying to be offended."
These girls are haters. They need to be more in tune with their sexuality especially considering they are young and in their twenties.
There are waay worse nudie mags out there ladies. Playboy is pretty tame
I don't get why every moron can buy a gun in america but as soon as it is about boobs you guys are censoring like north korea...
Where do they get these people? Under a rock?
Lol since when is hipster "traditional" !??!
They are not even reading it. They are just lookin for boobs hahaha
Couldn't even get through a minute of this video. These bitches are so annoying.
Never knew playboy had actual articles I thought it was little blurbs about the girls
My husband just told me the 80's wants my vagina back.
Being a straight female.. Can I say that I would like to investigate all of these allegations further.. Mostly because "OMG" stickers are very unreliable
(Jokes... But really can I subscribe to see mags somewhere?)
"That poor horse, he didn't want to be apart of this."
Not a fan of playboy, too tasteful
Can we just bring back the sixties ideals of what a woman's body should be???
No one even looks at playboy anymore. I mean.... "Free porn" ?! Lol
Funny. I'm watching the episode of 'Friends' when the Ladies read/"look" at Playboy
I didnt know they had articles I thought there was just pics of naked chicks on every page. Well now I know.
You know you watched it to see nakedness haha
Its almost like cosmo for men but with more nudity. I wonder if men get disappointed when they see what a real womans body looks like.
If a woman chooses to pose nude and feels empowered by it, there's nothing degrading about that. But look at the picture towards the end where it's literally just an ass sticking out of a tube I guess? When the editors are at the point of reducing a woman to just one body part, they're literally turning her into an object. That is objectifying, and that is wrong. If you watch the video from the older playboys to the newer ones, you'll see the progression from empowering nudity to sex objects.
"This is too dirty" really? Grow up.
Read? lol
What about playgirl???
Sounds like hating to me
They weren't even "reading" anything!
their reaction to the boobs are hilarious
Turn the page, wash your hands.
Can we get rid of the "omg" signs?

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