Witness the beginning of a happy ending. Do yourself (a favor) and watch the brand new #Deadpool trailer NOW.

Witness the beginning of a happy ending. Do yourself (a favor) and watch the brand new #Deadpool trailer NOW.
Witness the beginning of a happy ending. Do yourself (a favor) and watch the brand new #Deadpool trailer NOW.
Published on 10/19/2017
Witness the beginning of a happy ending. Do yourself (a favor) and watch the brand new #Deadpool trailer NOW.


Ryan Reynolds being DEADPOOL is like Hugh Jackman Being wolverine love it!!!
WOW FINALLY, Deadpool movie is coming out, I knew Ryan Reynolds was gonna be him, I KNEW IT
Now all we need is a Deadpool and Cable movie.
He better be aware that he's in a movie.
I cant wait, this is my favorite marvel character and now a movie, im going to see this one and buy it
I am so going to watching this movie and they even have Colossus in this movie what more could you ask for now they only had Wolverine
Trailer rocks can't want to see love DEADPOOL
I love Deadpool trailer
Yep, Jesus is coming back!!! Deadpool movie that'll be acually AWESOME!!!: One of the signs of the apocalypse lol
This sure isn't Wade Wilson from Origins Wolverine, there was a same actor played one now plays the True Deadpool.
Deadpool has always been the best Marvel character
so much love for deadpool.
now i can trust deadpool :D
Things are going Deadpools way, movie coming out, and finally in the Avengers (Sure the Uncanny B-list, but still Avengers).
in Deadpool we TRUST !!! :D
Probaly my favorite Marvel Movie. And i can say this only by watching the trailer
Deadpool is love,deadpool is life :D
Can't wait to see the new deadpool movie
I can not wait for this..... Ryan Reynolds is perfect for Deadpool and i have a feeling i will have a new favorite movie when this is out !!!!!!!!!!!
About time a movie on deadpool comes out
Yes, now that's the Deadpool we all know and love.
deadpool is the real deal!!!
You Got it Deadpool That Was a nice Trailer
oh i love deadpool!
Just watching the trailers give me happy in the pants love you. Deadpool the only action hero with style😎
Ok, my eyes were not deceiving me right? That was Colossus?!
I love you deadpool.
DMX song in the trailer now I gotta go see the movie
I CAN'T STOP!!! This TRAILER is too GOOD!!
i could watch this trailer all day . and i will :D
is that steel guy collosus?? and will deadpool be ever connected to the MCU?? the avengers??
It it just me or does every time I watch this I think we need Deadpool for president with a vice president of Betty White.
Pool/ White '16
Chimichangas for all!
I hate Deadpool but I love Ryan Reynolds as this character. Deff gonna see.
what happens if Green Lantern and Deadpool meets?
Everything I have been wanting in a deadpool movie I can't wait
"If you didn’t have that mouth on you, Wade, you’d be the perfect soldier." It would be funny if said that is the movie, mocking Striker from Wolverine Origins.
the game was awesome and now movie. i love deadpool
even Colossus gets his classic lined look. So much epic-ness. I hope the credits are filled with Deadpool talking too
Deadpool Deadpool Deadpool Deadpool Deadpool can't wait for 2016
I love this trailer. I love the emotive eyes. Couple question: Will have the never ending bag of weapons? And is death going to be in the movie? Does Fox or Marvel have the rights to death?
I just loved the trailer, can`t w8 to see the movie in february 2016 !!!
I love him in this role! Burn!!! Raynold is deadpool, deadpool is raynold!!!! Whoooooah!!!
This is how it should be. No Disney involved, no PG-13 rating. For once, thank you marvel...and Ryan Reynolds
It's like a comical punisher movie. Lotta gore and swearing.
I just hope this still has content in it.
Cause the comic had violence but cursing was still less and the stories had content and comedy.
but i give it benefit of the doubt cause Ryan Reynolds is a deadpool fan. He knows better, he been wanting this for years.
plus Colossus being my favourite X men in this makes this better.
This morning I saw the trailer of Deadpool looks good hope he's good but one thing it's a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe or the x-men's movie?
This movie is shaping up to be one of the best Marvel movies ever made
Is it just me or does Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool look like kevin bacon in "hollow man?"
I love this trailer and to think that deadpool is created by Jed Rees who played a "thermian, Teb" in galaxy quest. The ultimate fans.
I just really hope that they give Deadpool his trademark ability to break the fourth wall and display self awareness.
I can't wait to watch Deadpool. I want this movie for a long time.

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