Why We Need Transgender Pronouns

Why We Need Transgender Pronouns
Why We Need Transgender Pronouns
Published on 10/19/2017
Why We Need Transgender Pronouns


"Pronouns are important because they indicate a degree of respect. Who doesn't want to be respected?" Simple but right on.
I'll just call everyone fuckface in the name of equality
This came out great! Loved being part of this!
Remember, when it comes to pronouns it's about respect. Of course you can choose to be a complete jerk and just disregard someone's pronouns for the sake of being a jerk. But remember that our identities do not rely on your validation. We are who we are regardless of whether or not you understand. There is a lot of hate against trans people in this society and if you care about changing that narrative, using proper pronouns is a basic step.
Im gay n I believe gender identification is important but you can't really get upset because just looking I would have had no clue that any of these people are trans you have to give ppl some kind of grace considering its nearly impossible to tell based on appearance
I just use their name
Transgender is when you are born a girl or a boy but want to be the opposite gender. So if you are a boy and want to be a girl you are a she/her. If you are a girl and want to be a boy than you are a he/him. What is so difficult about that?!
We need transgender pronouns to identify 0.1% of the population
It looks like buzzfeed is being run by a bunch of teenagers from tumblr.
Too many people want to be a special snowflake
I'm not trying to be disrespectful, but this just seems like you're trying too hard.
What the fuck?
I don't even know why I bother reading through the comments.
It astounds me to see how adamantly some people are against things that are new and different. It's OK if you don't understand these things or situations, but you don't have to go out of your way to act like an ass because you don't want change.
All they are asking for is respect. What sort of pleasure do you get out of telling people, "No, you're wrong, that's not how the world works, you are what you are, deal with it"?
Have you walked in their shoes? No? Then you have no right to tell anyone they're "wrong". How does hate come so easily to you people?
If a person identifies as a woman use SHE, if a person identifies as a man use HE. It's called being respectful.
This is stupid -.-
The reason why America is going down the shitter is because we are becoming a society of victims. I agree that people need respect, but I'm not putting anyone through hell by referring to them as a man or a woman based on what they have identified themselves as. People want special treatment, (and this is special treatment whether you think so or not). People need to stop playing the pity party game, and pick their battles. Being a man who dresses like a woman used to be frowned upon all together, and now that it's tolerated you decide that you want more, and more, and more. I don't want to change my language because you feel special. You are not special. If you don't want to be treated any differently, then don't ask to be.
hahaa... except we DON'T need transgender pronouns.
... and why we don't need buzzfeed.
Shim... always used that.
It is not a respect or disrespect issue. You are called based on what type of reproductive organ you have
Take it or leave it.
Well, I have the DNA of a human but I identify as a toaster. I get offended when people think I'm a human. I'm a damn toaster!
:( I accidentally misgendered one of my students. I really hope they understand it was an accident and that I respect them so much for having the moxie to be who they are.
So, as a straight person. Do I ask what pronoun is preferred or do I wait for them to tell me? What is appropriate to make sure my peers feel comfortable?
I think it's really hard for transgender people...and for those who are not...to deal with such things. Most people don't know transgender people. Ex: me. I don't know anyone who is transgender and I have nothing against those who are. If I ever meet someone who is....well I'd do my best to try to understand them...in order to do so, I'd ask questions and try to make sense of the other person's situation....but sometimes my questions may come off as offensive. It's hard because you're not sure what the "rules" are. I hate to say this, but if you're transgender, it's gonna be a fact of life. Even if we eradicate discrimination, it's gonna be difficult because most people don't know transgender individuals and thus don't know how to act.
Couldn't tell most of them were transgender
What are 'transgender pronouns'? Aren't there... you know... pronouns?
If I asked most people today what their pronoun is they'd just ask me what a pronoun is haha
Let's makes the English language even harder to learn for everyone!
Pronouns ARE important and the only people who don't understand this are obviously cisgendered, ignorant assholes.
I work in retail, and DONT want to be disrespectful, but how on earth are you supposed to know that a person who looks like a man goes by she? Or if someone looks like a woman but goes by he? Even if we had these transgender pronouns, how would anyone know if that hairy man is actually a woman... You dont. So it's not disrespect because you dont know them.
Why is being transgender such a difficult topic to accept?
It's 2015 for Christ sake.
As someone who uses they/them/their pronouns and identifies as something outside the gender binary, I found this video so welcoming. It's great to see it being posted by such a popular group. The more we normalize pronouns the less problems we'll have to encounter 😸
Well I've called a woman sir not because she's transgender, but she looked like a man and talked like a man. She chewed my ass out for it, but it was an honest mistake. It's hard to tell sometimes. This man had long blonde hair and had the bone structure of a woman I called him ma'am and then I heard him speak. I wasn't doing it out of disrespect I just didn't know. Unless you tell me you're transgender and what you prefer to be called I'll call you like I see it, not out of disrespect, I just don't know. You can't expect people to automatically know that you're transgender.
Im lost.. And bare with me...
A guy/gal spends X amount of money to change their gender.. Add, clip, tuck, pucker, total garbs... the whole shebang... But doesn't want to be called a "him", or "her" that they transformed into?...
So they want to be seen as something different instead of like just an average woman or man on the street? Look at me.. Look at me??
While you are at it, you can start using the term "Parental Units". No need to call them "mother" or "father" if you are serious about gender neutrality. I dare you. It would save us all a bit of money. No more mothers day cards. Nor fathers day cards. "Parental Unit Day" It would eliminate the competition between the parents as to "who" gets the best presents and most attention. However, as for me personally, I take joy in being a species that has female or male. Vive le difference! In French, all nouns including tables, trains, cars, flu bugs, hurricanes are all gendered.
A world of confusion
Don't know whether to facepalm or sigh...
How are people supposed to know what to call you based on how you feel at any particular time?
To be honest, if I see them on the street, I wouldn't have known they were are transgender. BTW, I usually use "they" as a gender-neutral 3rd-person singular pronoun. Maybe, we should just call all of us "they".
Is dude okay? I call everyone dude. Or buddy? What about friend?
As a transman, I appreciate this video a lot! It's nice to see (mostly) understanding and loving comments from so many different people. It was hard at first, but getting in the habit of using "they/them/their" for people who's pronouns I don't know was such a great decision for myself. It is generally non offensive for people who are cis, and it's a good way to let people come to you on which pronouns they use.
Herm, Shim, Shiz, Shem, Sherm
I would imagine it'd be polite to avoid pronouns until you can appropriately (and privately) approach the individual asking for their preferred pronouns.
This is so fucking stupid
Respect has nothing to deal with if your called a he or a she. It's the way one appears to others, and if you appear to be a male, you'll automatically be called a he, same way for a female, except called a she. Society can't read minds once they first see you, meaning as a stranger, and find out if what you want to be called. I really hope this type of stuff doesn't become a big problem in the future because it's something that doesn't need to be.
or, you know, if someone has a penis, he's a guy
and if there's a vagina, she's a girl
Just use They/Their/Them holy shit. You can be anywhere on the spectrum you like, but language isn't meant to be able to represent an infinite number of identities because otherwise we'll have a billion throwaway pronoun words and everyone will keep changing theirs every other day of the week because it's "fashionable", and not because they're actually trans. The efficient system is no gendered pronouns at all.
You can't expect language to change in a matter of a few years, and then get pissy when people don't immediately use your silly gibberish made up words as your pronouns.
Just switch to They. Everyone is They. Maybe if people do it enough, language will magically change in 30 years and he and she won't exist anymore except in medical practice. You don't get to make up hundreds of words and expect people to take them seriously.
So you mean "it" isn't the proper pronoun? This is ridiculous I am so sick and tired of homosexuality being shoved down my throat!
I love how people now a days are forced to accept things like this but if they don't they're automatically wrong , I'll straight up say I don't agree with transgender and just bc I don't agree that means everyone's gonna hate me and post rude comments , it's like , if you don't like Obama, that makes you a racist ....which it clearly doesn't ... The world we live in is backwards where YOU have to accept things but others don't have to accept your beliefs .
If that older woman is m2f then that is simply amazing. I'd wanna chill with her.
Language will evolve. I mean, look at "hangry."

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