Why We Keep Secrets

Why We Keep Secrets
Why We Keep Secrets
secret dancer share
Published on 10/17/2017
Why We Keep Secrets


the issue here people can't handle the truth about you .that's why you keep it for your self rather than reveal it
Idc care who comments first but i must say this first.
I like to write secrets all over my body and dance around, its really bad now.
Wow, wow, hold on! She cheated during her honeymoon? What a bitch
I would share my secret but it's too fked up
Crap u expect me to tell you my secrets better I keep it nd share it with my pet
My mother was in an abusive relationship with my father which none of the rest of my family knows about but me and her
As a dancer I think this was a great concept but the execution could have been better. Ie...bringing in more dancers, using voices that would match the dancers, etc.
My secret is that I came here for boobs.
i can dance better then that dude.....
Wat kind of bullshit is this?
Sometimes I buy a book of stamps, and I lick the back of them all then return it to the store Tehe!! Shhhhhh...
Arielle Rogers Suraya Walker Samantha जीवन Boris Rachel Boris Haley Wepking
I hate to have a relationship with the boy i dont even like..
let me show you with interpreted dance! whack
there is an app you can tell all your secrets too, its quite cool. get healthy now!
Ashley Petersen look at 1:17
there is only two can keep a secret, if one of them is dead. :)
Sometimes i cry with no reason
that's why it's called secret because it's a secret.. so why would I share it?? It's a SECRET!! haha
Amazing Video.
If I told what my secret was. Then it wouldn't be a secret anymore ☺️☺️
I'm gay and have 3 children and I'm also married to a man.
i fucked ted.
Subhneet Mann Lavpreet Brar
Jasmine Brown
I'm a
Elvira Dibo
now that's some ( . ) ( . )
Maebh Crosbie
Croía Loughnane
Niall Kelly
Omdat ik zo sexy ben, wordt t zo heet dat mn kleding soms in de vlam vliegt. Of niet Aman Sewlal je zag t
Dennis Lawrence
good video
Nick Lee
Dion Antzoulatos see? this is why i told a few people last year hehe
Like if you cry every time. )':
Thumbs down to the video/idea, horrible made lol
My secret is youtube is my life
Pusanna Sang
Kather Waqar
Ryan Baker
Arfa Jamil Ayesha FarOoqi Anum Afroze Haima Alvie Hira Shah Aemen Sultan Anoosh Gilani Alishba Rahim Aisha Farooq
Lyndsee Fasching
Maggie Mallory Knox
Eric Alan Tripp

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