Why The Doctor From Doctor Who Should Be A Woman

Why The Doctor From Doctor Who Should Be A Woman
Why The Doctor From Doctor Who Should Be A Woman
Published on 12/11/2017
Why The Doctor From Doctor Who Should Be A Woman


"If the doctor was female, he could finally hook up with Captain Jack"???
Um, Captain Jack is gay.
Any story that pushes its agenda into it suddenly sells its soul. I AM A FEMALE and I don't want a female doctor. What is wrong with the doctor being a freakin guy???? NOT EVERYTHING HAS TO BE FEMINIST PROPAGANDA
omg stop. The doctor is male get over it.
If The Doctor was female she should be played by Helena Bonham Carter
I don't care what the Doctor's gender is, so long as the show continues to be on the air.
This is retarded....as a woman, I prefer to leave it alone...keep the doctor male. And the companions female...or Rory...lol...and leave a great show alone....
You can not possibly have been a Doctor Who fan for 10 years and think that his female companions are "just sidekicks." And if you're watching any of the recent DW then you know the Master regenerated in to a female. Captain Jack Harkness is a pansexual he spreads he love to everyone/thing. Disappointed Buzzfeed.
No! From a fellow Whovian, the Doctor should NOT be a female.
He could hook up with Jack whenever he wants... He doesn't have to be a woman, he just needs to be sexually attracted to him.
I don't want the doctor to EVER be female!!!
I'm very happy buzzfeed decided to do something with doctor who. I'm also a feminist who can kind of see your points. HOWEVER: I strongly believe there shouldn't ever be a female doctor. We've seen female time lords and his companions are very strong women who are amazing role models, not just sidekicks. The Doctor is male and should stay that way.
I am a female, and I do not want a female doctor.
I like men.
No, I'm not saying "I wanna have a crush on the doctor".
I'm saying, I LIKE MEN. I appreciate what the contribute to stories, and I love to watch the doctor as a man do what he does. It would be different if he was a girl, and I don't want that difference.
I. Like. Men.
And I can relate with him perfectly fine as a woman if he is a man.
I don't need women to relate with.
Doctor who is NOT A SEXIST SHOW. have you SEEN all the freakishly powerful and important women in it?
It's, of course, inevitable that the doctor is going to become a woman. Because feminists will scream their stupid propaganda into the story instead of letting it just be a story.
It's sickening.
But as soon as the doctor becomes a woman, I am done.
I am done watching doctor who.
Well I bet BuzzFeed wasn't expecting this much Whovian backlash... Terrible idea
NO. Sorry I'm a feminist hell sometimes I even get called a femanazi but I like my Doctor to be a guy. Old, young, ginger, black, green, tan, but idk I like that he is a guy! I love that he has spicy amazing females running around with him. I love River and Donna. I love the powerful women in the show VASTRA!!! But I love my guy the Doctor. But that might be just me. fyi the doc can always hook up with Capt. Jack ummm Jack would hook up with anything male female etc. lol I have a hard time getting used to a new regeneration no less a whole new sex of the character which will change many dynamics. Sorry it will. I'm just not down for that much change in the show I so deeply love.
Why does it have to be sexist? !?! He is the doctor the show has been going for 50 years...why the fuck wud they make the doctor a woman?!?! Apart from it being wrong on so many levels....don't fix something that ain't broken!! Duhhhh
How about no
I kinda feel like people are trying to find sexism, where there isn't any sexism. Let the Doctor be. Plus, Martha was the Doctor's Doctor. Not a sidekick.
Feminist bullshit
Honestly. I think what bothered me more about this video than the subject content.. Was how terrible the acting and script is.
Companions are not just sidekicks they are strong females or strong males or strong aliens and they're vital to the story and to the doctor, STOP OPPRESSING THEM :D (seriously, please, just leave the doctor alone, the show embraces acceptance not any feminazi agenda)
I'm actually surprised at the number of people opposed to this. I wouldn't care either way as long as the storyline is still good.
Seriously buzzfeed...... If this girl was a supposed fan of Doctor Who she would know that Captain Jack is omnisexual and will have sex with anything. Also Doctor Who has had some very strong female companions and characters, Vastera and Ginny for example, Doctor Who is one of the least sexist shows I've ever watched.
Blahhhhhhh keep the doctor as a man! What the hell kind of women's lib speech was that...
I like him as a male so we get strong female roles that puts him in his place. And if you watched this season you woulda saw where The Master broke the typical male role and became Missy. I like your videos but BuzzFeed leave this one alone.
The reason the doctor has always been a man is because people don't actually like big changes
I'm going to respectfully disagree. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but I would just like to say that doctor who is full of strong women role models! The major one being river song - she is strong, independent, powerful, caring, intelligent, and she is a force to be reckoned with in all aspects. She even overpowers and outwits the doctor on occasion.
I don't care if the doctor is female or male as long as they get a great actress or actor to play the doctor. Lili Superwholocked
"adhere to modern day sexist standards" um... what?! Are we not aloud to have male roles without being called sexist anymore?? Women. We don't have to copy everything guys do! Why can't we be our own thing? Just because he's a guy doesn't make him sexist!
It would be interesting to have a Doctor of a different gender or ethnicity, I guess, but the Doctor will always be the Doctor
Catherine Tate was the doctor once!!! Doctor Donna!!!!! She was good!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Actually the original writing was done by a woman just so u know
The argument fell apart as soon as she said: "Men can't have female role models? That's just sad." Right after complaining about wanting to look up to a female doctor.
Companions are so much more than sidekicks. They make the Doctor. They teach them a lesson and he teaches them a lesson in reture. The Doctor is a man. The Doctor is a good man. He shouldn't be a female just because the viewers are mostly females- which is an extremely generalized claim. I know more men that like Doctor Who than females. The majority of the fans don't want a lady Doctor, I don't want a lady Doctor, he isn't a lady Doctor. I'm a feminist and I believe this. Not everything has to be a woman to sell the idea that women are equal and that is exactly why the Doctor regenerating into a woman is such a big thing. Honestly, you all need to chill out. There are enough female roles that the Doctor has addmitted are very strong. Like Sarah Jane Smith, Martha, and Donna. I'm so done with this debate.
Very probable, especially with SPOILER ALERT;
The Master regenerating into a woman. How awesome was Missy as a spin on a classic enemy we've seen played by various wonderful actors.
Think of all the awesome superheroes/villains who have been gender swapped and are just hands down brilliant.
I feel people would enjoy it just as much....either way they wouldn't turn the Doctor into some needy misogynistic view on a woman, but with similar strong traits but more varying story lines to what we've seen before.
However BuzzFeed you need to learn your Doctor Who trivia because a lot of terrible dumb points in this video like you don't want us to know that nerdy girls exist.
This video is terrible. It makes all the REAL reasons why a female incarnation of The Doctor would be great sound like a continuation of this whiny petulance. This video is TERRIBLE. All of the reasons they presented for their case can all be refuted in exactly the opposite way in favor of a male Doctor. Don't try your case with sexist reasoning when you are using sexism as your case... o.O
Now, as to why this video is terrible and makes female and male fans alike CRING:
First, anyone who knows Dr. Who would know that Captain Jack is omnisexual and it doesn't matter what you look like on the outside...(side note: should Captain Jack ever come calling on ME, sorry hunny, we have a third now ;) )
Second, saying that females need a strong role model in a female gendered Doctor because they can't see a MAN as a strong female role model, but that it's sad that men couldn't see a female Doctor as a strong role model is just..well, you can figure that out for yourself. o.O
Third, yes, The Doctor could regenerate into anything, and in the future, still might, because it's obvious that this alien race can do a million things that we can't but because the Time Lords look similar to us, many people assign the same traits and human aspects to them. However, Time Lord is Time Lord and Human is Human. The Doctor may have an affinity for us silly little humans("I love humans. Always seeing patterns in things that aren’t there.." Right you are, Doctor!) but let's please pause for a moment to think about a world with red fields, a burnt orange sky at night and silver leaf trees...it's ALIEN. That is the whole point. It's fantasy and yes, anything can and WILL happen. Just because it's set one way in the fans' minds doesn't mean that it is the same to the writers who have the history and the future in their minds. "The universe is big, its vast and complicated, and ridiculous. And sometimes, very rarely, impossible things just happen and we call them miracles. And that's the theory."
Fifth, *SHE* wants to be The Doctor? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Just NO. If THAT girl every becomes one of his incarnations, I will stop watching Dr. Who forever and NOT because she is a female but because she is a whiny brat who sounds like a 2 year old who isn't getting what she wants. Disgrace to the rest of us women who have NO problem with whatever form The Doctor is. Seriously, beer-drinking-wannabe-feminists, I understand you wanting to see The Doctor in a woman form, but these arguments were weak, unreasonable and reaffirm why many men and women are concerned to think about the possibility of a woman regeneration...stop making us all look bad. I am not whiny, nor do I need a "sexy male companion" for a female Doctor to be a satisfied Dr. Who fan. Talk about being SEXIST!?!?!? Look in the mirror, girls, cause that is EXACTLY what you are.
Now, personally, I would *love* to see the Doctor regenerate with a woman's features. Because guess what, everyone? It would still be THE DOCTOR. Get over yourselves. It has nothing to do with male or female, in fact, only HUMANS have that hang up. In the future(and I seriously hope that this happens someday although with comments like these, I am weeping for the future), people won't care about gender or race or anything and we will be able to love anyone just the way they are, no matter what they look like, because inside, we are ALL THE SAME! <3
In the words of The Doctor in his 4th regeneration, "You know, the very powerful and the very stupid have one thing in common: they don't alter their views to fit the facts; they alter the facts to fit their views.”
DO NOT CONTINUE TO USE WORDS LIKE "retarded" and "feminazi" especially when you obviously have NO IDEA what those words represent to many people and have NO comparison to the person or thing you are trying to insult. Those words are hurtful, awful words to those living a developmentally disabled life and to those who suffered at the hands of REAL Nazis and only serve to make your argument look weak showing that you have nothing constructive to add to the argument. Find a better way to voice your opinion because using those same gross words just makes you look ignorant. Find a more compelling argument and use some more intelligent ways to express your point than to rely on offensive and inaccurately used words that are thrown around merely to draw attention. BAD attention, to be precise. You aren't special or amazing for using those terms. Instead, you are tired and unoriginal and need to be gifted a dictionary....
Try and have a little compassion for others. Be more like The Doctor, whether male, female, black, white, green, purple, Raxacoricofallapatorian or whatever else the next regeneration brings us. Truly.
Why do you want the Doctor to be female? Leave The Doctor as The Doc is. Or I can make this vile and horrid
No, I love my skinny white men bitch.
Before watching this video I had no problem with the idea. After watching it I think it's a God awful idea
Here come the sexist comments of men who would get butthurt if the iconic role of the doctor became a female, and the females who only watch the show for eye candy
Chantal Angus Mariah Jewell Alamah Dowllama
Christian Faith Jessy Johnson Penny Cates-Johnson
Jack Hartness will bang ANYTHING; man, woman, ood, sexy tree, ANYTHING!
Bekah Barajas Monique Chacha Hernandez Daniel Silva
What do you think? Lol good points but no haha
Marissa Feliciano Omar Flores Daniel Eshleman Raven Weber Ashley Blessing who else?
Charlotte Salvatore Jackson Elissa Zhang
Amber Cotterell Emma Warren Megan Brown
Jazmin Foster Farock Raja
I think a female doctor would be bad ass. Look at the mistress in the end of this season. She was HILARIOUS. There's something special about a female lunatic that works.. look at harley quinn for example. EPIC insane female. I think a Lady Doctor would be great. They can call her the nurse and she can get all pissy about it lolol
Arevik Manukyan Chris Sutton Lindsay Heston
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