"Why I Cosplay"

"Why I Cosplay"
"Why I Cosplay"
Published on 10/18/2017
"Why I Cosplay"


Thank you for posting this for all us cosplayers, buzzfeed. ❤️
I COSPLAY because people never recognized the real me !
I don't cosplay, but I really wanna go to a convention, cause I find it so effing fascinating!
I understand the part of "being someone else for the day/weekend/for once" cause I do that exact same thing, when I write stories.
I really love people who is so much into something, who spend their time with it, it's creative, it looks fun and hey, conventions are there to make friends who are just as 'bizarre' as yourself, right? ❤️
thats why i love cosplay :)
i cosplay because i ove it and i dont care to thse people who bash cosplayer being a cosplayer is being who u want to be
I'm not a cosplay person. I've been a sports mascot for several years and have more recently done licensed commercial characters. I can attest that I have done things as a mascot character that would be way too odd to do just as myself. At OU (Oklahoma), shook my groove thing in front of thousands of people, was on national tv, and got to meet some famous people in person (sort of). I am way too introverted to groove like that just as myself. And I would not have had all those awesome opportunities to meet people, help my community (fundraisers), or to stand on the sideline and be a part of some epic games.
Cosplayers... I still think you're weird... but that really is ok! At least I can empathize a little. :P
Love this! It's why I cosplay!!😍👌🏻
I cosplay because I love it, it make me happy, that's why...
I saw a yato cosplay onfg
I've always wanted to cosplay... but no money, no time, inconvenient living location, nobody to do it with, etc. But I'm glad others can do it, because I get to see how awesome it is regardless. :3
I like cosplayers..! :D
yayyyy something about cosplay :D
I feel as if those that are trying to make friends in certain places are not finding those friends with the same interest. I never done cosplay, it seems fun but I wasn't into video games or anime. I've learned to open up even though it may be uncomfortable at times but I continue to hope to find people I like and like me for who am I. This may be something to look into. 👍
I've always loved Cosplay. I want to have my first cosplay outfit soon and this shows people what I love. The people that I want to be. And it gives me the chance to interact with people that love what I love and they don't judge me on the outgoing outfits that I wear <3 I hope that one day soon I can finally feel like I fit in
I cosplay because I relate to people when I do, it's hard for me to find interests with others and cosplay helps me find those interests. I also like to make costumes for my friends, we go in groups we take photos we live out lives like we want there is multiple reasons to cosplay. The craft, the people you meet, the contests. All in all we are just nerds dressing up. ^^`
i made more friends through cosplay, what i enjoyed is not the attention but the acceptance form others
I wanna cosplay but I don't have enough money! :(
I cosplay because it makes me have confidence when I perform alone. I have horrid stage fright and cosplay helps me with it. My parents view it as something childish, but I saw that it's a form of art that the world has yet to fully embrace. A lot of the cosplays that you see at conventions can be 20 times better than the movie/Live-Action version(s). Some of us put so much time and effort (not to mention lots and lots of money) into these cosplays that it makes big budget movies look like dollar store costumes. :)
I cosplay because it's a change to be someone different and really become the character
I don't care what others judge me, I LOVE cosplay. And I love Cosplayers, too.
Sailor Moon gender bent cosplay? Awesome XD
I love cosplay and I would love to make my own costume to become my favorite hero, but my favorite hero's costume/suit is made out of iron. How would I be able to do that?
i am a cosplayer and i proud...
Thank you so much for making this video buzzfeed <3
I cosplay because that's the only thing I am belongs to in the world. Be a cosplayer is the only identity I am in my life~~~ I would not be me without cosplay, it's my lifestyle~~~>W<!!!!
i cosplay for the love of the show/game and because it's fun X//D also btw the pokemon ranger, love it muchly!
I cosplay because I don't cosplay
I cosplay/will be cosplaying Donna Noble, Freya Crescent, Elphaba, Rose Tyler, Femme Ten, Femme Master, Agatha Christie, and others.
I cosplay because I want to have fun!! :DD
I like the whole cosplay but if you're trying to wear a batman outfit at the age of forty you need to find a better alternative lol
Cosplay is not for fame but it's an expression how we love anime^^
The vedio is awsome!that's why I cosplay!
It's my dream to cosplay as scorpion from mortal kombat, and no its not only just for guys to dress up as , but anyways I love this video and it speaks to me :D
Guy ik i can really explain why I cosplay very well. But maybe this video will help? :0
Love the whole thing! But my favorite was the group of guys cosplaying the Sailor Scouts. :D That was awesome!
Simply, because we Cosplayers love the character so much that we want to "wear its soul".
#Kyojin is here.
ROARRRRRRR !!!!!!!!!~ :3
cosplay to me involves creativity, when the artist draw their character, they fantasy creation, but thru the creativity and ability of the cosplayer, they become reality, i don't cosplay but i admire them a lot, have a nice day
Because You're too old for Halloween.
But cosplay is not a life
It is just a small fun part of life 😕
I think so anyway you don't have to agree 😊
Proud to be Cosplayer
The sailor moon guys tho
I always tell cosplayers to watch the credits and see how many it takes to get the costume and the make up and the hair done.. Then tell them that they were able to do that by themselves, in their room, with cloth that they hunted for and make up tutorials probably playing from their laptops. Cosplayers work so hard and I really appreciate the effort they put in their cosplays.
Love how there was someone who did a cosplay o the anime character from spirited away :D.
Awesome .. (Y)
Cosplayers Approve (/ O []O)/
i cosplay because it lets me be me i can exspress my self and i don't have to bottle my self in even though i have house mate that do not under stand and think it is stupid my hubby suports my he may not under stand it but he love the fact the i can express my self
I cosplay because it's fun to go out and make memories with your friends. Just like every other hobby. I don't know why people think it's better or worse than any other hobby, it's just a hobby. Just accept it, some people like golf, some collect stamps, some cosplay.
Angie , take me to anime convention next year!!!! I want to cosplay!!!!
But if you think about it, one way or another, the cosplay community isn't exactly the kindest.
I don't cosplay but I see cosplayers here in Seattle every year. Yes, it is sightly weird for bystanders to see 100 Batmans just march by but it is also equally awesome especially when you spot this one favorite character. This year I saw this girl who cosplayed Tina from Bob's burger at a Starbucks. Her costume was spot on and the fact that she was a heavier set made it even more awesome. She became my most cannon human Tina. I love this show and it made my day. Only regret that I have is not telling her that she had the most badass costume I have seen all day. Dream on people and never stop imagination!

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