Why Grand Juries Don't Indict Cops When They Kill

Why Grand Juries Don't Indict Cops When They Kill
Why Grand Juries Don't Indict Cops When They Kill
Published on 11/19/2017
Why Grand Juries Don't Indict Cops When They Kill


If you don't like Buzzfeed taking a side then don't watch their videos. They have every right to share their opinions. And they even shared some interesting statistics. I think it's brave of them to make a video like this about something so controversial. Idc what people say, you're awesome as always Buzzfeed!
Shame on all of you for trying to regulate what buzzfeed posts! #wakeupamerica
Police violence is real!
And it's terrifying.
Everyones ignorant comments just proves how racially divided we really are in modern America. We shouldn't romantacize cops just for doing a job. They are people who make mistakes and are fully capable of hate and violence. Look at the statistics and do reasearch. Or maybe actually listen to the video without a bias. You people who hate this video might actually learn something.
Funny how all the haters of this video are white.
This is one of the most ignorant videos you've ever done buzzfeed. Let the comment trolls begin.
Wow. Way to take a stance on an issue buzzfeed. Something like this, leave it alone your viewers are spread far and wide on both sides. Best to leave it alone.
Power to you Buzzfeed . The fact you spoke up is amazing . And these comments are appalling . You should do a video on these alone
I am so happy that you guys did this despite knowing the shit storm it would cause, it take allot of guts to stand for what's right even if it's not popular. A uniform does not make you inhuman with no fears and no flaws and being black doesn't make you a criminal. I believe that in allot of these cases the cops truly do fear for their lives but the fear and unfounded and enhanced by certain preconceived ideas.
Wow buzzfeed. I really did not want to see this from you. Very disappointed in you guys getting involved
forgot the fact that brown attacked wilson, tried to take his gun, and then charged at it him.. other situations idk that much about. sad that people had to die though, so many things wrong with this world ):
Why oh why did I read the comments. I just wish that people knew the difference between bias opinion and facts that are counter to your attitude, beliefs and values. Just because you see something that presents information that is counter to your currently held ethos does not mean that it is wrong, unsound, uncogent, or individual. Also ignorance is when you don't have and refuse to get information on something....they cited most of there sources! They used information from The American Psychological Association. How is that bias or ignorant? Do you even know what those words mean?
Because they are innocent and doing their job .
Go back to making cat videos. It is all you have credibility to do.
You guys stop complaining and unfollow. No one's gonna miss you anyways.
It's sad how many people are offended of this video that are Caucasian. There are issues in the world with racism. Just because you don't experience it, doesn't mean it's not there. Also, the video isn't saying all white cops are the devil, because obviously there are good ones out there. They're saying there are some that are corrupted. And if you can't believe that, then your ignorance isn't needed to post a comment. People died. And it's not something to shrug your shoulders at. The way some people are is if it doesn't effect them, who cares? How about supporting your fellow man/woman? I doubt I'm the only one thinking less death would be a good thing.
A message from a white person to white people: just stop fucking commenting. Your opinion is NOT valid here. This is not about white people, so stop trying to make it about white people.
Black people and all sorts of POC face discrimination that is unimaginable to us whites. We have NO idea what they go through.
"Yeah but I'm not racist though!!!1!1" you cannot say that as a white person. It goes so much deeper than that. This issue is about hundreds of years of oppression against poc in north America's startup days. This issue is about the fine tuning of this country's development so that white people can have the best lives while POC get royally shit on. You have white privilege, and denying it is extremely ignorant.
The only people disagreeing with this video are WHITE PEOPLE. The only thing ignorant about this video is the comments from WHITE PEOPLE. But go ahead, continue to claim you aren't racist, continue to not look past the racism that is set up in your brain, continue to justify murderers.
People are so quick to say "Brown broke the law" even though the owner of the store said Mike payed for the object he was apparently stealing and the ""crime"" happened months before Mike was murdered. Plus you think Darren was assaulted? A simple search on Google will show you the pictures taken at the hospital, part of a routine check up, of Darren's "injuries" including red cheeks, a birth park, and a nick you get from shaving. Mike was found dead over a hundred feet from the police car, which means it's impossible that he was shot for "assaulting the cop and trying to take his gun".
This is about a system of oppression, and further criminalization and demonization of the black race in the eyes of society. A quick course in criminology will tell you that crimes committed against whites are on average taken more seriously than those of people of colour. (I'm sorry if my English is bad!).
I love when people get into an uproar over something they choose to watch and follow.
Buzz feed can post anything they want, don't like it, unfollow and unlike.
I actually agree with this video. I've seen the Eric Garner Tape, and I have severe asthma. If I was put into a choke-hold like that It would definitely kill me like it did Eric Garner, but what most people don't understand is when you said you can't breath, it's a warning, it means you are not getting enough oxygen into your lungs. So yes, you can say you can't breath and still be unable to draw real breaths.
Here is my belief, and I don't care if anyone disagree's with me. I believe most cops are good people. I believe most african americans are also good people. I also believe there is an unintentional racial bias against African Americans. I also believe in that if your suspect is unarmed that an officer should face charges. There are my personal opinions.
You forgot to say a police officer is killed every 53 hours in the USA.
Good. Make more videos like this. People are scared to hear the Truth! 😂😂😂😂😂 that's why they're not following you anymore. But then you have some folks that see things for what it really is and empathize with what's going on. I salute those who believe that racism is still alive and kicking.
This has to be one of the most race baited videos I've ever watched. How about the police are doing their job and protecting theirselves no matter what color or creed the other person is.
A lot of you seem incensed and angry. As if this post is some sort of injustice put upon you. Like you want to boycott BuzzFeed in protest of this post. Now you see how we feel about police brutality. Take a stand, unfollow if you must. You do what you have to do, as will we. Thank you, BuzzFeed.
Now can you make a video about how many officers are killed in the line of duty each year? Not all are racist or bullies especially not as much as 90% of them as one comment said. There are bad eggs in every group of people.
The video doesn't take a stance on the issue, or say, "We choose this side over this one, because..." It lays out what was said by Wilson in Ferguson (i.e., 'that Brown looked like a demon, and that a shower of bullets didn't bring him down), what occurred in Cleveland with Tamir (i.e., that the boy was shot within 2 seconds of police arriving; what isn't mentioned is that the younger officer was reviewed and seen as unfit for duty months before the incident), and that the NYPD officer that committed a chokehold wasn't indicted, but the victim's death was ruled a homicide.
The percentages presented about the race of the population, the percentage of races in law enforcement, and the proportion of white and black deaths by police are legitimate. Any criminology or sociology course would tell you the same thing. In fact, 50% or more of you who are claiming statistics and research-based evidence given by the video are false or whatever haven't done your own research. You say the video perpetuates hate, but your comments illustrate your hypocrisy.
There are very few times that any officer has the right to play judge, jury, and executioner. Last I checked, Oklahoma was the only state that utilizes death by firing squad as a form of capital punishment. And last I heard, everyone is entitled to a trial, innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.
Not all black peoples are thugs and criminals, just like not all white people are saints. Likewise, not every cop is noble and righteous; there are bad cops out there. Ignoring those facts is ignorance at its finest.
There are three sides to every story: one for each of the opposing parties, and the third for the truth. Sadly, two sides will not be told in these instances of police brutality because the victims never got their say.
All the video needed to say is they are doing their job.
reading the comments
more like white people getting angry
Only white ppl seem upset about this post. Like privilege doesnt exist or none of this is true. Killing someone that is unarmed especially a kid is sick and awful
Am I the only one who thinks that Michel browns killing was justified?
What I notice in here is that many people who are pro-police try to take the focus in one way or the other! Quit that!
There's absolutely no excuse for the killings of innocent black people by cops! PERIOD!
"Not all cops are bad!"
-Not all black people are athletes either! Not all black people are from ghetto! Not all black people are thugs, criminals or aggressive monsters!
"The police are here to help."
Tell that to the parents and family members of Eric Garner and Michael Brown and many other victims of police brutality and white supremacy!
"Buzzfeed should leave this subject alone."
I don't see a sign of Buzzfeed needing you. You don't agree? Leave Buzzfeed alone and delete it!! SIMPLE!!!!
"There are far more white people than black people killed every year by police."
Yeah! 'Statistically', right? 😂
Funny how black people are just 10% of th US population, yet are - per million - killed more than 3 times white people! Check the stats below! Look at the percentages, not the amount! And, after you've done that, check out the black inmates vs. white inmates jail stats, if you will!
If you still don't get it even after you've read the link below, you're beyond ignorance!!!!
90% of the people commenting on this video are missing the entire point of the video
How dare you address a very real issue Buzzfeed?! How dare you bring it up! It makes me uncomfortable and I don't like to be uncomfortable. Never mind the fact that I could scroll on and come back when you address a topic that doesn't make me jumpy. I'm unfollowing you because you dare to have a different perspective than I do and, dare I say, aren't you white? Shame on you! These are white officers you're talking about. Traitors. 👀😒 :-/ Seriously...get a grip people. Way too much manufactured outrage in the comments.
Well there it is the dumbest fucking thing I've watched today. Talk about fucking racist. How about this buzzfeed go put on a police officers uniform for a week. Go do there job for just one day. Yeah didn't think you would. So you go right ahead and call your racist bullshit. But you have lost another follower which from what I have read you have lost a lot.
The comments here are just baffling! Regardless of your personal opinions regarding the issues addressed in this video, everything that Buzzfeed posted was strictly factual. The facts LITERALLY speak for themselves. So this begs the question: are you all angry because you personally disagree with the cases that were brought up here, or are white people just butthurt because the stats look realllllllly bad on paper? Like Buzzfeed, I'll leave my personal opinion out of this one too and let you answer that for yourself.
This is one of the most ignorant video ive seen in quite some time. Im a cop and im not white. This video might as well ve labeled racist. Michael brown had robbed a store minutes ago and then charged a police officer. The facts are public record. Eric garner was on bail for the same offense he wa commiting and he had an outstanding history with the law starting from 1981. Corner didnt just label his death a homicidw. They said his health issues were the main cause but the chokehold added to it. The little 12 year old pointed his airsoft gun directly at the officers. The officer has mili seconds to decide if the weapon is real or not. Know your facts beforw your start adding fuel to the fire. 118 law enforcement officers have lost their lives in the line of duty this year. You dont see their families protesting. Law enforcement gun related death is up 57 percent since last year but you dont hear about it stop being biased and post all the facts.
To those who disagree with buzzfeed and are unfollowing it.... is it because you're scared of the thought of people having different opinions than you?! If everyone agreed then the world would be so far behind what it is now. Conflict pushes people to do great things. New ideas are the best ideas it's what America was built on. We also all have to be serious sometimes. Buzzfeed has been poking at the issue of race in so many videos, just very subtlety and with humourous sense. Why are you mad now? Or maybe you were just ignorant.
There are way too many ignorant people in this world. These cops should be indicted.
Way to go just lost another follower
Not every white person that hates this video is racist....ever racist white person that saw this video hates it...let that sink in...
This video is bullshit.
what surprise me is that all across the web you have a whole black population and people of color, with various backgrounds from doctors to farmers commenting saying that there's a problem; all across the country lawyers and professionals of all ethnicity's are walking out of the courts and offices in protest proclaiming there's a problem. Yet there's still a large amount of Caucasian people who still want to argue. The whole world can't be wrong. Then when a site like BuzzFeed tries to clue you in on a small part of the problem as seen from the lens of those experiencing these problems, the same group wants to bash them. I get it we're all delusional and out of our minds. Just unfollow and keep denying, simple.
Sit down buzzfeed. No, seriously, take a seat. Take several seats.
I love this video... America as a whole needs to stop being so damn butt hurt about everything. Did you guys not read the quotes in the video? They're all facts concluded by studies. Unless you were sitting in that courtroom while the trial was going on, you don't know crap of what really happened and this goes for both sides, but I have personally seen racism from cops. There are good cops and there are bad cops, but unfortunately I can tell you that I fear cops a lot more than I fear an average black male, a crackhead, a prostitute or a homeless. Cops should be there to protect us, not to scare us. And to be fair, I must say that I have seen really incredible nice and respectful cops as well, but those are very hard to find.
Maybe it's time for the people to become the Grand Jury.......
This just creates more racism between us in American instead of helping the problem......
Noticing that the negative hateful comments are coming from whites with no facts behind why this video is wrong and how the people understanding the video COME FROM ALL BACKGROUNDS!!! There's even a comment from a white person that is not American saying they understand. This is what I've observed. Please show me a comment from another race saying this video is wrong along with facts of u disagree
Majority of white people are not racist or at least they do not show it .
But what saddens me is the fact that a good number of them defend it when it happens.
I'm a physician and I have been harassed by police, I discussed it with a white friend of mine and he asked me what I was wearing ?
Is this not a free country ?
I have heard women activist talk about how people should be free to dress how they want without being harassed
I'm an advocate of the pants up thing, but that is not a reason to stereotype anyone.
Police and the society view black people as violent, that is why Darren Wilson described Micheal brown as a demon. That is why 6 police men were on top of Eric Garner
If you do not live with black people and you deny these problems. You're racist!
Kill all cop's and cop lovers
This video is exposing alot of humans just full of hate. That's how you bring them out. Great video.

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