whooop sam gta
Published on 11/19/2017


i like how he's about to choose his weapon at the end lol
"Hey bro, you know you have a dead hooker back here?"
This was the lamest thing I've ever seen
You don't mind if i "drop" in
Videogamemes posting videos??? Rejoice :D
Great Resolution
when gta 5 come for pc ?
nice video quality
Already leads to the hospital
''I woke up in a new bugatti''
Like a boss
Well that's 3 advantages of Sleeping Dogs over GTAV right there:
1. SD has faster bikes
2. They drive on the RIGHT (left) side of the road in SD
3. SD has already been released on PC...
"it was at that moment.....red vehicle driver knew......he fucked up."
Honestly.. who still plays gta 5?
Daniel Blount Sam Dillon Scott Brennan
Olivier Pilon :O
Jason Mylonas haha Adrian Brugaletta
Jaimy White
Phenix Yadgariv
Tate Brown
Diana Hara
Sofia Eriksson
Bullseye Cocopops
Elias Schmelzle
Buck Shobris
Kaitlyn Van Dirstein Logan Nielsen
Ilias Albanis
Nicholas Gerhard
Steven Sam Asianz Tino
Thomas Stanley Richmond
Ulysse Corbeil
Danny Nguyen
Mike Dziecielski
Tarcisio Rossi
Alex Bywater
Ricky Jones
Aiden Frith
Kieran Bull
David Moffat
Max Rieder
James Lloyd
Jonathon Hittel

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