Who Said Girls Can't Play Football?

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Who Said Girls Can't Play Football?
soccer girl goal
Published on 11/23/2017
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she used a hack!
That's like the only who could do that ha
"Chi detto che le donne non possono giocare a calcio?" Madonna impara l'inglese.
photoshop XD
Donna Dorigo
Still say girls can't play, she can't even score in an open net !!
This aint football, this soccer,
Abbie Baldwin Cally Heads
Eder Lavariega
photo shoped
Megan Reynolds is that you ;)
Abu Raeed
Hold my beer, I can do that too and score in empty goal. LOL
No wonder girls are shit at scoring
obviously a joke
Vi Uld Hud Jasso unas clases no te caerían mal jajajajaja
nobody did lol
by the way its called soccer
How is this funny?
try and try again result still the same ....... No GOALS
Edward Healy Stephen Ashcroft she got the moves boys
Kick ass skils or what
no one said they cant
I will find u , nd marry u :/
doch sie hat 1 tor gemacht
no gol.... go home
better than all you niggas ;D
it's ronaldhino !
Sergio Adrian Marin
Justin Holdorf
Found you a wife Donovan Duncan
Adham Tharwat ur wife :P
Nobody!!i guess
Meagan Miller
Taylor Lynn do this
wow hot one
Douglas mira loco, con una así en nuestras selecciones ya estaríamos en el mundial jajajaja
its soccer
this yhu Kimberly Duarte Ramirez cx
photo shoped/fake
Newton Hayden. You're a dumb ass if you think this is photo shopped
Jason Nordt
im in love :D
I thought the aim of the game was to get it in the goal... Its good.... But its not quite Carling!
mann ist die blöde, trifft immer nur die Latte. grins
Admit it she can't score :3
all very well but can she get it in the net?
Well answer to there question is girls that don't have skill

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