Who Said Girls Can't Play Football

Who Said Girls Can't Play Football
Who Said Girls Can't Play Football
Published on 11/23/2017
Who Said Girls Can't Play Football


It's soccer not football
For the stupid idiots, This is "Futbol", this was here before American Football -_-
Soccer is for girls, Football is for guys, Get it right.
Kept hitting the crossbar but still pretty skillfull... Aimee Loveridge
That isnt football
Play some NRL or rugby union you pussy
They aren't , she hit the pole every time.
Lool Issame Bel Amdek Mohamed #BarCross
Mary LOOL I did all these moves ;)
Women can do exactly the same men can do, like bashing your face in a mosh pit
she kept missing every goal
Noor Alrofaie :O u can also do this ;)
; oooh qaaahrd ihaave short term memories LMAO Sabrina Emmanuel
Sabrina Emmanuel ; one of the moves this qirl did iremember yoou dooinq it out at da carpark wher you always paark your blaack BMW aat ... ;)
David Gutierrez
Nick Shadbolt
Jhonny Pho and Eric Phetvixay y'all need her on y'all's team. Lol
Vania Chrisopoulos lol woman
Kaycie Hutchins if she has any eligibility sign her!!! And Jeremy Fletcher better get your popcorn ready!
Alejandro Gonzalez Sergio Cano
She cant even score a goal!
Easy , but can see actually play a real game. In football you don't do free style on the pitch. Play properly
Get back in the kitchen and stop fucking about
Football? Btw she's awesome!!
Mimo Tahler karasses pferd
Wow all that fancy stuff and only one goal
That's not football
Sharbel Monegro i just got a boner.lol
boobs or gtfo
That takes hella talent!
Look at this shit!
Alexis , Alex , Jayden , Speed
who said that?
DAAAAAAMNNNNN Byran 'Byson' Ferrol
Malik Hentze
If u like jokes..watch National Lampoon's DIRTY MOVIE :D Its fucking awesome :D
Marife Ramos Librando
Mira Vanessa Gamez esa soy yo asiendo mis piruetas jijijiji
Gabriel Nunes
guys, she's got amazing control over that ball.. the point of this was to show the control, the challenge is to hit the cross bar.. the top bar... looks like she's fucking awesome
Gìrłś årę bèttèr thàń Bøŷš :)
Kevin Nelander Emanuelsson
american football plays with hands,it is actualy handball with posibility of playing with foot..
Its a bal. And a fot. Yes fotbal!
waaaaaaao jaja
She purposefully hits the crossbar so the ball bounces back to her. -.-
Pernille Lillevang

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