Who Has The Best Hot Dog? LA, Chicago, Or NYC?

Who Has The Best Hot Dog? LA, Chicago, Or NYC?
Who Has The Best Hot Dog? LA, Chicago, Or NYC?
Published on 10/19/2017
Who Has The Best Hot Dog? LA, Chicago, Or NYC?


Ummmm bullshit? I'm from the LA area, Chicago has wayyyyy better jot dogs, as well as pizza.
Chicago. That's a stupid Question
Let's be real here, chicago all day. They don't call it Chicago Style for nothing.
No no no Mexican hot dogs all the way.... Toasted bun, bacon wrapped hot dog, easy mayo on the bun topped with jalapeños tomatoes onion and ketchup and mustard with the option of having grilled onions on top. Mmmm
Sup with chick's voice?
A Sonoran Dog from Tucson, AZ!
New York wins by default because you don't need to put 88 different things on a hot dog.
Seattle. It's not a hot dog without cream cheese.
My city has the best!
Pffft... you should have included the Michigan Coney dog, or it's not much of a contest. :P Basic.
LA dogs from the sweetest little Mexican ladies and their kids who should be sleeping but are selling you over priced soda for the win
Everyone knows Chicago is the best at everything!!!!!
Chicago dog is the best ever
New York Pizza,Chicago Hot Dogs,and L.A. Tacos
Detroit Coney dog would kill any of these, hands down.🙌🏻⬇️
Love the Chicago dog, coming from a californian . lol
Chicago. You don't go to other states and always see an "LA style" or "New York style" hotdog. You always see Chicago style. Because it's the best.
What a trader, the Chicago dog is clearly the best!
Chicago!! We have the best hot dogs and pizza!
Portillos in Chicago. Duh.
Chicago dogs are the best!!
Let's be honest here people.. Chicago has better Hot dogs .. And pizza .. I would go back to Chicago Just to eat LOL 😋🍴🍴
Sonoran hot dog in Tucson Az. Best hot dog ever
Why do yall call that the LA dog?! That's a TJ after 1 special!!!! Those things came up from Mexico
Well here in Halifax Nova Scotia I would have to say Costco has the bomb hotdog, and cheap lol
Of course Chicago has the best 😂😍👌
I'm a vegetarian and the LA one still made me hungry.
Texas chili cheese dogs all the way baby
the New York guy in the dark red flannel said Chicagoans think its cute we have a city? ITS CUTE YOU THINK YOUR HOT DOG IS GOOD. LMAO. Honestly, most NY and LA people I ever met said Chicago has the best hot dogs and pizza hands down. SO WIN.
Everyone was bias. Pick people that will actually give an honest opinion next time. Also, what's up with that one guy in the red's comment about people from Chicago thinking they actually have a city? It's the 3rd largest city in the US and one of the best Summer Cities in the world.
Chicago wins every time! LA? Really
Chicago like that's a question
Houston. Chili, mustard, cheese, and onions with a jalapeño dog.
Chicago for sure
I'm from LA but I love Chicago dogs!!
Gene & Judes Chicago!
Who is that asshole that's talking shit about Chicago?!?!
Hello! Detroit coney dogs all day! #dontforgetabouttheD
That Chicago dog looked A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!
Chicago, without a doubt
Seattle cream cheese dog!!
Detroit coney dogs. Hands down. These other ones suck.
Uhh Seattle! Duh! Cream cheese on your dog!
Chicago. Duh.
Buzzfeed is based in la... Hmm no biases here moving on
Costco has the best. hands down.
Yeah, talk shit about hot dogs all you want Cali and Chicago, but new York pizza beats all

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