Who Does Your Dog Love More?

Who Does Your Dog Love More?
Who Does Your Dog Love More?
Published on 10/19/2017
Who Does Your Dog Love More?


this is how you ruin families
Hahaha the white doggie is so confused
This makes me think of the scene in AirBud. I kept waiting for a crazy old abusive man to pull out a newspaper.
Hahaha, Elsa loves freedom more.
Plot twist: Your dog secretly doesn't like anyone in the family
My dog loves my boyfriend. Even though I had him for a solid year before we started dating... The butt only comes to me when he's hurt
haha the pit bull was like nah
Anyone with food
I had my dog for 6 years before I met my boyfriend... And she loves him more 😑 it's because he's Asian, she has a thing for Asians.
Lolll I love the part where the father tells his son "that's because you smell like her" ....
Lol that last dog though was like forget this I'm out 😂
One moment where was 0 likes and 0 comments.. one click later and BOOM! 400+ like. Tf 😂
I would get jealous If my dog picked someone other than me lol
My dog follows anyone...
A dog only has one master.
Of course the pit didn't choose anyone, pits have a mind of their own! But you still love them either way! 😘
Lmfaooo the little white dog was soooooo over it
Lmfao at the dog Elsa 😂😂😂😂 she was like this is stupid I'm out ✌️✌️✌️
They should do this with babies, LOL
i wonder if they will do one with the kids on the sides, and the parents in the middle...
The Pitbull of course lol
The poor white dog didn't know what to do. Poor babies, my dog loves my dad a lot which is why he stayed with him when I moved.
Ja für meinen Freund 😂
- she sleeps next to me
- thats because you smell like her..
Sammie :)
wow a way to put the other person in denial lmfao
'We're not surprised she does love freedom.'
The white dog was so over that! We have this test everyday when I'm trying to get the dog out of my room. She follows me around.
Man they named their dog Elsa no wonder she didn't pick either of them 😂😂😂
"Elsa doesn't love either of us"
Because you named her Elsa!
They'll come to the one they think is the alpha, has nothing to do with love. My sister's dog definitely loves my sister more, but only listens to my commands
My dog would have went for the people that were filming this.
4th comment
Teena Teng lmao! Mona would come to me UNLESS there was food! She'll pick food over anyone. Like those little kids "want some candy little girl?"
My pup definitely chooses mover anyone. He loves me so much that he doesn't allow anyone get close to me lol
Is Luna a westie?? Because my westie is named Luna!
Tim, I think they both will go to whoever had the most food. Right? Or maybe Cooks will choose you since you have this amazing bond (even though I've had him for 9 years) and maybe Max will come to me because he's a momma's boy.
The betrayal! lol
This is just BOUND to cause doggy-related divorce. </3 </3
No buzzfeed, you're doing it wrong. You test to see who the CAT loves. That's the real test.
2 of our three favor me and one favors my husband :)
Haha that's easy. She loves mom. She was mine for 9 years before she became ours. When we arrive home she pesters me until I pick her up and could care less about dad haha
Poor dogs looked so confused! :(
Oh my dog for sure loves me more. He's a Mummas boy
Love that little white dog is driving me crazy!!!
elsa the dog was just like screw this

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