Which Fast Food Restaurant Has The Best Chicken Sandwich?

Which Fast Food Restaurant Has The Best Chicken Sandwich?
Which Fast Food Restaurant Has The Best Chicken Sandwich?
Published on 10/19/2017
Which Fast Food Restaurant Has The Best Chicken Sandwich?


AJ where are you? Where is your recipe?
Chic-Fil-A is NOT homophobic. Just because they stand for Christian values doesn't make them fearful of homosexuals. I am a Christian who has family and friends who are homosexual. Do I love them? Absolutely. Do I agree with their lifestyle? No. But it's their life and their decision to make. Would Chic-Fil-A turn someone away who wanted to eat because they're gay? No. Ok then...
Hater replies... 1...2...3... Go...
ChicFilA without a doubt has the best fast food chicken sandwich.
Chik Fil A is the ONLY fast food place that I will go to when I am in a hurry during the day, or for my lunch break on a Friday when I didnt feel like preparing my own lunch.
It's the only fast food that I trust, and its quality chicken.
Chik Fil A for the win!!
1) we all know chick fil a wins 2) chick fil a isn't really homophobic I'm gay and used to work there and nobody discriminated me
Whenever Ashely said "why you gotta be homophobic" I spit out my drink all over the screen. 😭😂 its so true tho.
Chick-fil-A......any day!
Chik-fil-a!!! Hands down.. Close the polls... It has been decided!!
Chick-fil-a FOR LIFE!👏
Of course they would do a chick fil a post on a Sunday. When it's closed. And we all crave it. And can't have it.
"Haaay, I got a pickle in my sandwich, and it's guuud." 😂👌
I love wendys chicken sandwich ..
Spicy Chicken at Wendy's 😍
What about Zaxby's????
P.s. Wendy's spicy chicken sandwich is amazing. So is burger kings original chicken sandwich lol
I think KFC is the best fast food restaurant in Jordan
First of all why do all your fast food taste test foods look like shit... Lol when I buy a chicken sandwich from Wendy's it looks glorious!!! Lol
Oh and of course chick-fil-A wins! Next best thing is wendys spicy chicken sandwich oh and burger street!
Chick-fil-a all day for a fast food chicken sandwich.
Arby's is good for chicken sandwiches
Chick Fila for sure
The crispy chicken from McDonald's is the best ! You don't get the one off the dollar menu ... Ewww
Burger King original chicken sandwich all the way!
Lol this is so disappointing because I love chicken sandwiches and we dont have Jack In The Box in Canada... :(
(We don't have Chick fil A either but, I wouldnt eat there out of principle)
Wendy's got the best tasting chicken sandwich. The Astiago Chicken is on point.
I watched this while eating a chicken sandwich..
They forgot Church's chicken sandwich
Wendy's for sure. That jalapeño-instant-bathroom-trip spicy chicken sandwich is awesome!!
Of course CHICK FIL A wins! They are THE BEST chicken sandwich ♡♡
Chick fila is really good their sandwiches actually look and taste like real sandwich lol full chicken and buns wit fries 👍
Wendy's Spicy Chicken sandwich. Hands down
When will Jollibee create a chicken burger? :/
Listen. You can't take the $4-5 Southern Style Chicken sandwich from McDs and compair it to the dollar menu variety of Wendy's. You HAVE to get the legit Wendy's chicken sandwich for comparison. This test was skewed and for the record, I've never seen a chicken sandwich from BK that looked like that.
Chick fil a does have a spicy chicken sandwich
Chik fil and burger king. I love their original chicken sandwich.
My Mamas Kitchen! All Fast Food Sucks!
eating a bk original chicken sandwich right now lol
Chic-fil-a has the best chicken sandwich to me. Hands down...
Now Wendy's new chicken sandwich is bomb
Nope. Dairy Queen, all the way. They've always had the best chicken burgers!
Chic-fil-a by far is superior to any other fast food restaurant
Chick Fil A has a phenomenal chicken sandwich. Nobody else's even comes close.
Chic-fil-a has the best chicken hands down! Who cares if their owner is a religious bigot. He makes amazing chicken!!
Love the spicy chicken sandwich at Wendy's.
No duh chick fil a won they started the chicken sandwich!
The only chicken sandwich that I might have liked better than Chick-fil-A was the original recipe chicken sandwich from Kentucky Fried Chicken that disappered about 20 years ago. That's only a maybe.
Wendy's chicken sandwich is definitely better than Chick-fil-a
Am I the only one, who has never eaten fast foods from any of these places?

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