Which Celeb Evaded Us The Fastest At The Grammy Awards Carpet?

Which Celeb Evaded Us The Fastest At The Grammy Awards Carpet? With Keith Habersberger
Which Celeb Evaded Us The Fastest At The Grammy Awards Carpet?
Published on 12/10/2017
Which Celeb Evaded Us The Fastest At The Grammy Awards Carpet?
With Keith Habersberger


In a few years they will all beg to be interviewed by BuzzFeed, no worries :))
I want to work for BuzzFeed
"ushered away"
It's like me with girls.
You'd think with all the worship that Taylor Swift receives from buzzfeed that she could at least look at the camera. I'm sorry guys. It's not you, it's her.
Paris Hilton even relevant at this point?
Hated it when meghan Trainor was pushed without even a chance to walk
Buzzfeed needs to hire me... I do radio! Im great on TV also!
Love you sent the tallest dude that works there, it almost worked!
Buszzfeed is still more interesting to watch than the majority of all those celebs combined.
Evaded or dragged?
HAHAHAH someone seems to be enjoying his job.
That ending line was pure gold!
Seriously, why is this dude so much taller then everybody at that whole venue?
You guys should do a taste test video on "Bertie Bott's Beans" aka the Harry Potter Jelly Beans
Kayne was like " Kim what the fuck you doing at Grammys ? Oh wait hahaha
If I was famous and I saw buzzfeed I would come over and talk to you guys 😂
Their "people" made a bad choice... Huge ! Buzzfeed is killer and has good reach to their target audience and would give a fun interview to make them like-able. Bad move.
"Ritualistic sacrifice"
Paris Hilton is still a celeb?
BuzzFeed people are more famous and will be in a longer time :)))
That awkward moment when u press the LIKE button before watching the video. Lol
It's really funny tho! "Nailed it!" Ahahahaa
Reason #5008 I love BuzzFeed. They make fun of the fact that celebrities ignored them.
At least Katy Perry stopped for you guys. That is all that matters. :3
Who's to say that they didn't even recognize you and just kept walking?
"😏Got it! 😏Nailed it!" Hahahah
He was such a good sport about it. Haha thumbs up for him!
It's only BuzzFeed. What's there to be afraid of? Hahaha 😉
"Not interested 😃"
Best line 😂😂😂
Bahahahahaha "nailed it" 😂
Um. They barely tried to get their attention..I don't get this.
Dear Keith, I would have said hi to you. ♡
personally, i would jump onto having an interview with BuzzFeed!!!
Buzzfeed is probably one of the most popular things on the internet, the fact that celebrities don't take advantage of it is ridiculous
It looks like a lot of them were half-dragged down the red carpet anyway. lol I wonder if they hire people to do that.
Keith didnt even try!
This video was a dud. They didn't "evade" buzzfeed, they just kept walkin on
nailed it
Man, don't waste your time on Meghan Trainor, she's a stupid bitch, personally I wouldn't want to give anyone who said they "weren't strong enough to have an eating disorder," the time of day to spew more shit.
If I were famous, I would have definitely stopped and allowed you to interview me, Buzzfeed. Unfortunately, I'm not famous.
Hahahaha, "Ushered away." Love ya Keith!
Don't worry buzzfeed I think you guys are very credible & these people would be lined up in the future to have a say on your network 👍
I wonder how do you get a job at BuzzFeed.
You also have to realize that their security guards were pulling them the whole time and they didn't really have a choice.
Kudos to your confidence.
It would be so cool to work with BuzzFeed
This is why I watch buzzfeed. Priceless.
They can't hear you.
Taylor wasn't actually that swift
If I were famous, I would totally stop off to talk to you all, because I am a huge fan. :)

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