Where Did Curse Words Come From?

Where Did Curse Words Come From?
Where Did Curse Words Come From?
Published on 11/17/2017
Where Did Curse Words Come From?


I learned nothing
Buzzfeed: You guys need to do a video where you make the guys In the office wear an underwire bra all day and check in on them periodically, and then at the end of the day have them take it off and talk about what it's like to have to wear a bra all day.
Lmfaooo xD
Damn Billy when are you gonna let me get a piece of that ass ?
"Gee wiz, Becky. Your dribbling sure is shit!"
"Can you use that in a sentence?"
"Damnnnn, fuck that shitty ass bitch".
A spelling bee for rednecks and hillbillies alike.
FUCK- Fornication Under the Consent of the King!
SHIT- Ship High In Transit!
The word SHIT means Store High In Transit. Long ago when people came over on ships they brought with them cow dung to use as fertilizer. Initially they stored it in barrels down below but that was a bad idea because the lack of oxygen caused the methane gasses to build up and eventually the barrels would explode. So then they realized they needed to store high. Thus the word shit, Store High In Transit.
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Well, fuck it.
"Damn billy!! When yah gunna let me get a piece of that ass!??" Omgggg!!!! I died!!! Lolololololol!!!!
For unlawful carnal knowledge... Origins of word fuck....fyi
FUCK is all wrong. it is an acronym that stands for Fonication Under Consent of the King.
"Damn, billy, when you gonna let me get a piece of that ass?"
Too fast and incoherent
Your writers should kill themselves
this is how you can tell they are running out of video Ideas lol!
Annnnnnnd day made
Except, this explained zero about the originals of curse words.
This has no educational content at all.....but I saw pictures of maps so....geography? Fuck it.
I learned nothing from this.
I wonder how the guy talking in the video looks like....
Sounds like a skit from Crashbox 😂
More info please
Shit came from the term shitter, the original name of a toilet.
I mean no good at all
Shit is a, old term used in, shipping when transporting manure store high in transit. Thus the acronym S.H.I.T.
Where does cunt come from?
I thought fuck was "forever using carnal knowledge " ?
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I fucking love to swear!!
I saw people shove things up their vaginas.
Informative video, lol :)
(Damn bruh)
Good buzzfeed is employed by pussies. Bitch is how to refer to a female dog....
I didn't realise 'damn' was a swear word.
My mother
"Damn billy when you gon let me get a piece of that ass"😂😂😂
Fuck is ( for unlawful carnal knowledge) so what
I learned nothing.
Just Stupid
What next
Your mom.
Fuck- Fornication Under the Consent of the King... Haha
now we know
I don't consider damn as a bad word.... Never have in all my life, the fact that some people now tell me it is, puzzles me as I was never told that
Time wasted
You should ditch hitler and teach this in your class tomorrow 😉 Jeremiah Matthews
Or Jett You Betcha😂😂😂

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