When your friend sings the same song all day

When your friend sings the same song all day Vine by: Lele Pons LIKE - 7 Second Videos
When your friend sings the same song all day
vine ahahah marie
Published on 10/23/2017
When your friend sings the same song all day
Vine by: Lele Pons
LIKE - 7 Second Videos


These videos are not funny
The worst thing about this girls vine videos is her schools ugly shorts 😂😩😩😩😩
this one was actually funny ='D
Ema Sedmak
Maryem Zabalawi würdest du gerne manchmal bei mir machen oder 😂😂
Carla Mlinski
Hit me baby one more time..
Sophie Marie this is my feelings towards a certain bestie some days
Elien precies het gevoel dak bij jou heb llama :p
Joanna irgendwann mal hahaha box ich dich und Kerstin auch 😂
Adriana ahahah o pior é que cantamos as duas as mesmas músicas todo o dia. Mas sim, és mais persistente ahahah.
Det er hi hi
Хаххахахаххаха аз не намирам никаква прилика 😂😂😂
Corinne Wyss Jill Luisa Plattner
Roberta non so perché ma mi ricorda qualcuuuno... Hahahah
Vishu Jeet if I go to jail tonight... Promise you'll pay Ma bill
Maja 😂😂❤️ "der er ingen bånd der binder mig"😂😂❤️
Hannah boom boom bailandooooo voor drie maanden hahahaha
Natalie. Wonder if she got in trouble for her pink hair?
David Sackett this reminds me of you, you don't stop singing
Michelle stiekem vindj et gwn een super mooi liedj geef ma toe xd
hahhaha this was really funny! now back to watching fuckign tom and jerry!
Marian Doherty..This must annoy you on our way to and from bundoran lol
Spyros DjSpy Talis
Düm de düm,
Düm de düm,
Düm de düm,
Düm, de de de de düm 😂
Amanda Oliver Hahahahahahahahahaha all to come again on Saturday 😂😂😂😂😂
Maike Wrobel hättest du letztens am liebsten auch gemacht oder? :'D
Leo Steffen aaall that shee wants is anoooother baby...
again that ugly blonde girl? non of her vines arent funny
Muna you. And the same line over and over again. 😒😒
Maja Juhl det er ligesom når du altså synger Hangover 😄
Sarah Wdm Marina Giachino Maëlle Robert-Tissot Lucas Philippoz Zeyna Erdemoglu Axel Lartigue Marie Oesch Ahahah pas du touuuut visée
Rebecca Morrow Jessica McGuicken Sian Creelman Sarah Ferris Hannah Blair hm i wonder who this reminds you of?!
fucking aids vine but relevant Oliver Smith Leon Kroeber Jaemison Fogarty Max Johnston Tony Liu Georgia Antonioli Tori O'Donnell
Courtney Ellouisha this is deffo Shannon and Abbie hahah😂😩
Danielle Saunders Kizzy Ballard Harriet Davies Georgia Akers Dani Jones Amy Breakwell
Judith Dörmann Elena Zei Annika Kreling Nele Emons & Finja Ti
Ruth , Barbara , Camille , Marie, Melissa , Lika , Océane haha barbaraaa :p
Jessie-roxanne Moquin Ariane Chaput Marianne Tremblay oupsi ahahaha😄 c'est pas moooi sa 😉
Lol Jenna Aimee Leah 😹😂😹😂😹 bacon pancakes.

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