When your drinks are too expensive at the bar..

When your drinks are too expensive at the bar..
When your drinks are too expensive at the bar..
lol drink home haha bar
Published on 11/20/2017
When your drinks are too expensive at the bar..


lol it wud look weird if a woman did that
Kele István & Robert Dalanics legalkalmasabb mehet kocsmába vagy Disco jár,lehet kapsz titok pálinkát!bomba csoda vok hogyan??meselj meg??
Samantha Pratt this may be your alternative to the bag you wer looking about for your friend?? 😜
Mera you know us to well ha ha xx
Hahaha girl its me xx
Why go to bar if you can drink at home,,,,
whoever does this needs shooting
Sanyi! Így áll el a sör! :-)
Haha lolllll
c est pour les supporteurs lol
If your out on the piss ??
Would love to see the women's version. Mind boggles lol
Hmm. Not a bad idea, caution required when pulling out the stopper. Hence the saying....half pissed.
MAD!!!!! but fantastic!!
What if you got the wrong one out.
Sweet warm foamy beer. I'll just roll a keg down a hill.
Gonna get several of these!!!!! Ha
Lol.thats great!!!
Taking the piss yeah?
Yeah cos that's not going to look strange 😳
Θελει η πουτανα να κρυφτει και η χαρα δεν την αφηνει!!!!Ετσι πουτανακια????
Me to Lynne
Brilleant very good. xx
Sen answer to your problems lol
Nem meleg így az ital?
Im gonna make one now lol x
I'm Gona try that!!! Lol
Ha ha ha
Now thats how to enjoy cheap piss
Could we ordeR a couple
Ha-ha Ha-ha budala
Haha perfect 😂
£7.49,brilliant, lidde,2 for a fiver
Naco ty chlapi nepridou 😉😁😊
Haha pretty cool but people will think you're drinking your own pee lol. Might look a bit odd for us girls!😂😂😂😂
Tobias På søndag laver vi lige en lille mix, med de barpriser... ;)
ninong mag uwi po kayo nyan
dobre to
Don't degrade yourself, stay at home to drink or go at friends ?
Wouldnt the drink get warm dwn ther???
Sandie, det var sådan en vi skulle udstyre en af drengene med imorgen 😂😂😂
U telling me that i have to unzip it and pour a freakin drink like that in a club!!
Stay home and listen to radio.
Ingénieux !
Ja , das glaube ich , dass das einigen gefällt !
lol that funny
Jason Roy Thor Pite Alex Gagné on sameneras sa prochaine fois quonnva boire un jeudi au gagnon !!;) on va sauver

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