When Your Boss Says "Let's Talk"

When Your Boss Says "Let's Talk" With Andrew Ilnyckyj
When Your Boss Says "Let's Talk"
lol boss dad coconut
Published on 11/23/2017
When Your Boss Says "Let's Talk"
With Andrew Ilnyckyj


I play the boss in this. Now everyone in the office calls me "Dad."
I call my dad "boss."
I want to know what he actually wanted to talk about..
Her Native American tat brings the whole video together.
Am i the only one who really wants to know what he wants to talk about ...
I demand a sequel!
The worst is when your boss postpones the talk until after the weekend so you have to think about it. :-(
nobody likes coconut LOL!!!!! Patti
I just wanna know what he wanted to talk about, lol.
Shea Repins "i dont even like coconut." "no one does"
"Good morning dad" 😶
What did he want. You can't leave me with a cliffhanger.
Anyone else wanted to know what he wanted to talk about? I am dying to know. Lol.
Kat Lalic Caitlin Eldred pls look at first comment also </3
Alex Muehlbauer Elissa Delliomini Suman G. Rajan Faranak Najafi Bur Cu 😂😂😂
I'm driving the struggle bus...good thing you're always riding Taylor Bell
EVERYTIME we've heard "can I talk to you real quick" from you know who 😂😂😂😂 Jazmin Ohmann Lina Melchor
Cyndi Clausen Carol Schomburg Shaila Mohammad..... everytime I get time blocked off on my calendar
hahahaha...Emily Scruggs Travis Justin Davidson
But what did he want to talk about, the pressure of not knowing is tearing me apart.
And then you spend all night staring at the ceiling pre-living your certain doom.
morning dad lol i once called teh teacher mom she laughed it off and said all the students are like her kids. best teach ever. xD
Maegan Folger: ha this is how i feel whenever one the managers want to speak to me lol
Daniella Fernandes
Luci Garcia Lmfao so funny
Trisha Boman
Zen Lim
"At least you didn't call him mom" LOL Alisha could watch these all day again
hahahahhahahaha Amna Sohaib
i was actually curious about whatever it is he wanted to talk about
Erica Jo Dempsey!
Peter Peeti-v. Melanie Tolmachoff soooo true
Dominique Vazquez Jeremy Knowles story of my life
Tayla McIntyre-baker
CeCe Schrock
Ileana scariest thing ever!!
Lmao Pricilla Mendez Rosie Serrano me at work
Laura Clare Koch lol!
😂👏 Keirra Boxie Jorge Moreno Leslie Navarrete
Kyle Tucke Michael Moriarity Deborah Durkin
what a cliff hanger. They should do a part 2
Amanda Kathleen Barriente
Hillary Shockley hahaha
hhhhhhhhhh but what did he say in the end ! Mohammad Edris
Carla Ciscel Shumway Lol
Gabriela Candido Fernandes
Kaitlynn Corley 😂
Now I really want to know what he wanted to talk to him about.

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