When Your Best Friend Starts Dating Someone

When Your Best Friend Starts Dating Someone
When Your Best Friend Starts Dating Someone
Published on 10/16/2017
When Your Best Friend Starts Dating Someone


I love how they used a gay couple 🙌 you go buzzfeed!
Am I the only one who thought the best friends would end up together?
Done very classy buzzfeed. It was done in a way that you don't even focus on the fact it was a gay couple. It just tugged at our heartstrings for anyone that has ever gone through the BFF/new relationship phase.
i love buzzfeed for supporting all race, sex and sexual orientation. 💙💜💚
yes!! Dont push your friends away because you have a new boo :/ boo's come and go but friends are here to stay!<3
I am disgusted.... that it took this long to have a video that featured a gay couple posted so freely.
These guys are hot
the guys are kisssssssssssinggggggggg <3
Who care's if you're first or not. I like how BuzzFeed made this video with same-sex. That's awesome :)
Not going to lie, as a heterosexual male I just didn't expect to see a gay couple. Like a legit gay scene. #JustBeingHonest But good for Buzzfeed for switching things up a bit. They did a good job with this one, easily relatable.
There's nothing worse than someone who ignores you after they start dating someone. Then they come back the second they're over.
That kiss was so hot omg :3
I thought the boyfriend was gonna be petty about not going lololol glad it didn't go left.
nothing against gay people but I started getting pretty uncomfortable when the whole gay flirting started going on but I wanted to see if I could relate to the best friend idea, but got kinda grossed out when the kissing started and I just left, lol/: oh well, some people are into that stuff.
I don't really understand the homophobic people who like Buzzfeed. Buzzfeed is clearly in support of gay people, and uses them in their videos all the time. This is nothing new. If you don't like it, either don't watch or unlike Buzzfeed. No need to be an ass.
If this video doesn't convince you that love is love and that all relationships are the same (a guy and girl, 2 guys, 2 girls, etc) are all exactly the same. Nothing will.
I love how this video shows that sometimes you just want to hangout with your friends and not have to bring your significant other👌🏼
I hate when buzzfeed post this kind of 💩
I just threw up...
ill just pretend i didnt see that
How the comments SHOULD READ:
"Oh, this was so sad and yet relatable! I hate that feeling, when my friend vanishes to be with their new boo; but I still love them!" [Insert tag of aforementioned best friend]
How the comments ACTUALLY READ:
"I love that this is a gay couple! Yay for same sex Equality! Love that this is a multi-cultural relationship!"
"[Insert your choice of vile, bigoted, fecant vitriole here]"
I get it. We want to support the LGBT community; but the best way to do that is to just acknowledge them as another facet of the HUMAN community. This video was tastefully done. Have the respect to keep it that way. Kudos to Buzzfeed Crew for a well thought out and directed Clip.
Yay buzzfeed for using same sex couples ❤️
That was disturbing to watch.
The worst is when you and your friend's new lover don't get along..
UGGGGHHHHH. I hit that age in my life where this is becoming the norm with my friends. Everyone's so into the honeymoon phase and taking their partners everywhere that they completely disregard the alone time between close friends. Then you get the ones who ignore you for two weeks and get mad for not hanging out with them at the time THEY want to and you're just sitting there saying, "Dude, I'm not your pet whom you can show affection only when you want it." Still though, good friends are family.
I love the same sex idea! Equality ✌✌✌✌
buzzfeed, i think you're gay too ^-^
So many homophobic people out there it's pathetic really..
Why are they best friends and not boyfriends! They look good together!!!!
WOW buzzfeed just droped the mic wow full on gays, i am for it, just wow.
-waits for gay hate comments-
The minute I saw them kissing, I was done with this video.
Buzzfeed for the winnnnnnn
Why does it have to be surprisingly that there's a queer couple? Shouldn't it be as normal as any other video with any other couple
I kind of feel like this video was trying too hard to make a statement without making a statement. However, I actually love that the two friends didn't end up together. I assumed the African American man was straight and I think it makes another powerful statement if he is, showing that gay men and straight men actually can be friends. So, even though it was a little stretched, props to you, BuzzFeed.
Gotta be honest, this vid made me very uncomfortable. Thats how it should be. It means that prejudices and passed bias are being challenged. This video is a step in the right direction.
The Asian guy is so hot 😘😍
They day, when the comments dont state the fact that it was a gay couple that will be the day we have succeded.
Everyone always says "significant others come and go but friends are for life" but not really. I mean most of us probably have people that we use to be friends with that we aren't friends with now.
And sometimes all your friends leave and you get married and live the rest of your life with that person and never hear from your friends again.
So friends aren't necessarily forever.
I think it's great that BuzzFeed is using gay couples in their videos, I really do. But, are you guys only doing it because of the fact that they are gay? Is it a publicity stunt, to attract more attention to the video?
Don't hate on me, I'm all about gay rights. It's just a question I have for the BuzzFeed crew! (:
At least he tolerates his friend's boyfriend. x'D My best friend HATES my boyfriend.
Way to go buzzfeed! Spread that LGBT pride!🌈
The black guy is hot!
You damn right I'll get jealous just because you got someone new you're not about to throw me to the side you know better bestie Claude Junior Saint Jean 😂😂😂😂
Why can't straight guys look as hot as them? I think most of gays are good looking than straights.
What happened to these guys in the buzzfeed videos?
Make a straight version. Pleeeeease

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