When You See Your Friend’s Penis

When You See Your Friend’s Penis
When You See Your Friend’s Penis
Published on 10/22/2017
When You See Your Friend’s Penis


My question is who the hell puts on a T and hat but no underwear than stands by the window naked .-. Twice
With girls:
*walks into room fully nude*
"Chandler Bing... It's time to see your ~thing~"
Possibly one of the stupidest things I've watched in awhile...
This made me laugh way more than I should have 😂😂
The real question is, why is he always standing around like Pooh bear?
Usually a "dude, put your dick away" is the only interaction....
Rip headphone users..
what is buzzfeed turning into
finish the pizza on your plates you animals
Straight guys are weird.
And so he just keeps looking......
Who cares about seeing wangs? The real problem with this is eating pizza off of plates, what man anywhere does that without a woman nagging at him to
Y'all are too up tight. That is some funny shit.
And thus, the love story began lmao
knock the damn door
Anyone else hoping they'd be gay at the end? Just me? Okay then.
LOL. "justin i shouldve knocked" *walks in*
One of my friends intentionally walked into my room a couple weeks ago completely naked and we had a conversation like it was nothing. Not all dudes are like this. It's not a big deal. Especially if you're in the military and have deployed.
My question is why did they reach for another slice when they both had a full piece on their plate what the
Buzzfeed... What's going on?
Stop doing no knock raids on your roommate and you won't get an eyeful of dickNballs
*sigh* stick to taste tests... You guys tried too hard on this one.... (no pun intended)
Hella funny. It was so over the top it had me rollin
Fuck no. I wouldn't even go in. Bros use the force to sense that shit. Not to mention you just don't walk around kicking doors in like your the ghost of Rick James !
Wtf did I just watch
Lmfao this is hilarious but why do they keep staring like bro you can leave
Seriously this is a thing.... like I've seen my friends and it was pretty much like oh... well there's your dick. Hey get some pants on and come play halo.
Ughm I've had 3 guy roommates and they did not act like that. Rather they would just run around and laugh or start playing around with them like they were swords..
Wait... so... I'm NOT supposed to surprise my roommates while doing the helicopter?
Lmfao I love this it's a dramatic way of showing how akward guys feel when they see each others junk
The question is: "why was he standing in front of an open window with his pants down?" C:
This is hilarious and this had happened to me before, except my buddy did it on purpose. I go to his place, knock on the door and he answers the door with his pants down. Definitely a little awkward and I have yet to get my revenge.
Janelle Blas
Totally different for military guys
Buzzfeed is there something you want to talk about? Are you OK? You're not acting like yourself right now and it's scaring me.
You're doing a great job buzzfeed keep them coming
Who screams for almost 30 secs xD
I think he wanted to see Justin's penis
Oh no! I bet "Justin" doesn't finish eating that banana lol 😂😂😂
now THIS WAS FUNNYYY!!! 😭😂😂😂
Aaaannnddd that woke up everyone in the house ..
Suppressed homo-erotic feelings much?
So he just stands near his bed without pants on? Just the usual day.
Clearly these guys have never been in a high school locker room
Wtf. Lol, I hope this isn't really how dudes interact..no wonder guys sit so quietly and then when you ask them what they're thinking, they quickly say, "Nothing." Now I know what they're thinking: a recollection of all of the penises they've accidentally seen, lmao.
Beautiful I love it
Stupid insecure straight dudes.
These videos are getting more and more stupid!! Get it together buzzfeed!!
This is so not true lol. Dude walks in "oh shit my bad"
"No worries dude"
Fuckin pansies

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