When you come home and gotta act sober

When you come home and gotta act sober by kyttenjanae
When you come home and gotta act sober
act home house lmao night dad
Published on 10/21/2017
When you come home and gotta act sober
by kyttenjanae


I too turn into an orca when I'm drunk
Konnor Frazier idk what they talking about "when u gotta act sober" I feel like this every damn day of my life *~*~*~2 fabulous 4 u~*~*~*~
Beau AE when we come home at my place and try to act sober😂😂😂😂
Sophie Brumwell when dad picks u up from a party and you are sober but you trying to convince him ur not drunk even tho u are sober and he thinks ur drunk anyways
Jazmyn Brown when you never left home, but still gotta act sober
Bethany Grant "act sober, act sober" hahahaha
Sabrina gotta act sober like
Veera Tuomi Vuorinen 'when you come home and gotta act sober' ens viikol!
Lilah Flynner me when I come home drunk.
Chloe Coverdale when we try act sober 😂😂😂
Dalton Pulvino Me even when I'm sober 😂
Diamond Nshtx running into the the bouta knock the fan off that hoe bumping into the tv tryna act normal & your ppl watching us the whole mf time
Maria Hurtig trying to act sober 😂
Sabah Khan forget sobriety, this is just us all the time
Eamonn Scarff this is me around you if I was drinking ahaha
Sarah Bertrand or act like u are not high HAHAHAHAHA
ahhahahahhaa whos gonna be acting sober but??? not usss ohh ayeee out til monday Caitlin Cleary
Bet your life its you
Amy Marshall because we turn into killer whales when we are drunk 😂
I feel like this is how we act trying not to wake up marm and papa Jim 😑 Ashley Bishop
Ty us sneaking back inside after smoking lmao
Why did this remind me of ur bro and simrans butter in hair situation 😂😂😂😭😭😭😭 Jyoti Saimbi
Natalia Mendez gonna be us this weekend trying to act sober haha
Brystal Battle me when you dropped me off at Bubba's house after 6th street lmao😂😂😂
Hahaha Cleann Nicole Chelsea! More like trying to act sober before getting in the club/ bar! 😂🍻
When your swag makes you tipsy
Hannah Whitaker how I imagine you when you say you came home drunk.
Me the other night when I got home Justin
Lauren Hendry that one night I had to walk u into your parents house lmao
Us having a competition of who can be the most sober on Saturday?
Melisa Cekicer u when u dont put clear eyes
William Lindberg u today when u came to her house
Timmy Shaw u every day fuckn stoner
Krystal Pascoe
This reminds me when you got home from our Valentine's date! LMAO!
Charley Emmett me when u dropped me home
Megan Coleman This is like me goin dwn the steps!
Josue Salazar remember i tried acting sober at your sister's house? 😂😂😂
Yasmin Varachia you when you come home in the morning.
Cipriano Valentin lol me walking in when im drunk at your house 😂😂
No, no Ola 😂
Sean White us the other night even tho you were whispering 'Kevin' the whole way
I read this as "When you get home and gotta act scuber" (as in scuba) and was like I see what you did there... Then I realised I was just making my own irrelevant puns 😳
Tania Ní Dhoibhlin u when u say u wanna be a whale
You trying to act normal every day Emma Murray
Kabina Gurung when ur dad comes visit u in cov
Jelani iight now im getting bored lmfao
Sam Kleer sober thoughts😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Denise O'Flynn every time I stayed in ur house 😂😂😂
Whitney Mawson me coming home to mom and dads drunk
I bet you act like this Carly Mckitten 😂😂

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