When You Buy A Couch Off Craigslist

When You Buy A Couch Off Craigslist
When You Buy A Couch Off Craigslist
Published on 10/19/2017
When You Buy A Couch Off Craigslist


I want the Couple from "Weird Things Couples Do" back.
6 mins? Nope.
*Watches this video whilst sitting on a couch purchased from Craigslist*
The only thing I really noticed was her baron pillow from League of Legends ._.
Reasons to never buy furniture off craigslist; People are gross and dirty and I sure as shit don't want bed bugs.
And how did they fit that couch in their car????
Anybody else not buying that he wants to get her pregnant? Anyone?
I'm focused on the whole marriage thing when he sounds like a gay guy who sings show tunes 👀😐 not that it matters or anything
Is the husband gay and hiding it from the wife?
The girl was a bitch
I'm just upset they spent money on it and then just threw it away
What was the whole point of this video?
Sooooo slowwwww and with mediocre acting. Come on, Buzzfeed!
My gaydar is tingling, not that it matters, except when you're playing a straight dude and your lines are just not that believable
Meh. You missed the mark on this one, Buzzfeed.
Well that was a whole 6 minutes I will never get back 😕
I didn't really like the writing in this one. It wasn't believable, it didn't flow, and it wasn't really funny either.
This female character is so annoying
Why would they buy it after knowing it's been peed on? Lol
It was too long for no reason. I gave up after 30 seconds. I wasn't aware it was as long as LOTR
Sadly, someone, in that whole ordeal, stole their license plate...
Please stop using this couple. They have zero chemistry, and their acting skills are mediocre at best
The girl was incredibly uptight and bitchy...
So they just throw 150 USD to the garbage
That was unnecessarily long and slow
She kinda seemed like a slob
He's gay and she's an insufferable bitch. Uptight girls like that are the reason men cheat. Ugh. Could NOT stand her attitude.
The girl needed to grow up, her husband was more mature then she was but also never buy anything from Craigslist unless you want to meet crazy people...which is way I avoid it ..stay away from rooms for rent or roommate wanted section.
I really hope they didn't end up paying that 150 bones for that pee couch.
She makes fun of IKEA, yet the couch they are buying is from IKEA. Fail.
I feel like her walking away was me when I try to get angry. *walks away angrily, pause* " I don't know where I'm going"
Yea ok I shop craiglist all the time and it isn't anything but like this. Jesus. And is buying a couch to replace your raggedy piece of shit futon that tragic?
I missed the point..
Well that was 6 minutes of my life ill never get back....plus the girl is a complete cunt...so there's that too.
I can't even finish this cuz no one selling their couch is gonna ask you dumb questions and if a girl is pissed off about getting a new couch over a cappy futon, something is wrong
I miss the old couple...
This was stupid...
So did they buy it only to leave it by the dumpster, I'm totally confused
I miss the weird couple!
My best friend had a Craigslist couch. I kid you not, it was one of the most comfortable couches I've been on.
I bought mine from Craigslist, seemed brand new, no bugs, no stains, no smells. Only a couple hundred (2 piece sectional)
I never buy anything off Craigslist.
Craigslist buyers have gotten much more than they bargained for down here...and not in a good way. I'm not a fan of Craigslist, it's too dangerous in my area.
Well first off you should never buy anything off Craigslist and secondly who buys a used couch? It's only and barely ok if you plan to buy a used couch and then reupholster it yourself..That's gross and there is such thing as bugs i.e. lice & other bugs......Especially if the couch was sitting outside..
I want the Couple from "Weird Things Couples Do" back.
Wasted precious moments of my life watching this 👎
*futon. I had this one in my first apartment lol
What's wrong with buying things from IKEA? I don’t get her reaction on that.

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