When This Song Comes On

When This Song Comes On Vine By: Karllls
When This Song Comes On
guy friend hahaha girl pant
Published on 10/18/2017
When This Song Comes On
Vine By: Karllls


Did you forget to put pants on this morning?
Friend zone level: 100
I kinda think the guy out-danced the girl....wbu?
There are no white people when this song comes on
im so confused why do people wear long sleeved shirts or sweaters with short......just why.....i swear our generation is a failure.....
Cute but ..Where's her pants.
When does that song ever come on?
That awkward moment when the guy does that better than the girl..
Where the fuck is that bitches pants, thats nasty to be walkin around in her underwear in public yuck
Girl needs some clothes on!
you know there is a problem when a guy moves is hips more smoothly than a chick......
he is gay or he is gay
the friend zones not bad maybe some of you thirsty niggas could use a female friend lmao
Justen Nosoliny, para de bobeira cara
Whats this song?
the guy did it better than the girl smh
Ayà wanna do it someday :p
What this song?
Meg Webber Katie Herbert Ellie Reece we need to try this!!!
Ryan Smith Justin Brooks Daniel Bailey this song!
Marnie Winter Anna Gray Alice Dobinson Lana Sadler Chloe Elkins Louisa Moth Harry Payne this is what I was doing at marnies meal hahaha!
Karen Arceo Paty Torres Jennyfer Wong Montero Deberíamos hacer uno
I know I've seen it! lol it's tight we'll learn this too ;) Zephra Eden Williams Xandria Williams weshould be cool ppl and do our own!
Tala Zeitawi
truuuuuuu Chelsea Graves Anne Elizabeth Lawrence
this would be us... LiBby Prettii Buffonge.. hahaha
Ismael bailemos así. <3
Larry A. Jackson
yup pretty much ! Tabitha Breanna Campbell Nyia Hamilton \
Raísa Campos Nathália Nunes nós
segunda feira a caminho do ru faremos isso Rodrigo Stein Leticia Carvalho Amanda Da Penha Lunaiara Oliveira
Neyhia Mulengwa
omfgggg:") loool good times<3 Alanna Lacasse Kyana Doyon De Vera
Lil' Mama - Lip Gloss
Sunshine Key omgggg
Amy Burns Courtney Tilley Lil mama lip gloss hahaha
Dalina Laleva :D:D:D: ima neshto obshto :D:D <3
Niari Sarah
??????? yeah and so?
Matheus Afonso u.u
Mdrrrrr ayyyyyyyyy a reproduire Moly Lo Leslie
Nicole Nathalie Jocely Alexa
On ferra ça les garçons : Stefan Roef, Jason Paul Bruno , Donald Van Achteren Mupemba ^^
Carolina, Isabela, Veronica, Gabriele <3 :3
If I had a friend this hot, I would dance 'till my legs fell of just to impress her :p
Jade Gilbody Rubie Downes Charlotte Burgess Lucy Hallworth Nicole Walker Lauren Pickford
Flossie miss u x
Sophie Portland Luke Featherstone we have to learn thisb
J'adoreee <3 Anissa Di Vaio Samiira Chamakh

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