When These People Learned How Much They Actually Use Their Phone In A Day They Were Pretty Freaked Out

When These People Learned How Much They Actually Use Their Phone In A Day They Were Pretty Freaked Out
When These People Learned How Much They Actually Use Their Phone In A Day They Were Pretty Freaked Out
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Published on 10/19/2017
When These People Learned How Much They Actually Use Their Phone In A Day They Were Pretty Freaked Out


I'm pretty sure a large part of my day is actually spent watching BuzzFeed Video... You're part of the problem! Your wonderful, hilarious videos!
Who's gonna go download the moment app? 🙋
Not surprisingly, most of us saw this on our phones.
I actually get mad when people tell me I use my phone too much. I'm a hardworking college student who paid hard earned money to buy it so why the hell wouldn't I use it? I understand during social outings but if I'm sitting around bored or waiting for something and someone has the audacity to just walk up to me and say 'you use your phone too much'. I might just punch them.
How many people are watching this on their phones?
I stay looking at buzzfeed so it probably be more than 10 hours a day lol
I'm checking... mah Instagram... in the shower!
Buzz feed you're 1/4 of the problem😏😂
Watching this on my phone 🙌
FIRST COMMENT this is scary yall
I can't find the app in the google play store... Anyone else get it? Can you direct me where to find it?
Ed sheeran's ringtone ,XD
My phone has replaced my : laptop, radio, tv, car's gps., house phone, video game systems, library, shopping(shopping anywhere), diary ( work out or otherwise), bookkeeping, trips to the bank, pager, snail mail, video camera, and camera. Im really not worried about how much i use my phone. I even take classes on it. All these things. At the beach, on a trip, at home, sharing with people close to me, sharing with the entire world this quip. My voice is heard. I love my phone. This is the wealth of the world in my hands. Now are YOU using your phone correctly?
what app is this? is it on android or iphone only? tried searching for "moments" in the android store and didn't find it!
Angie Ferrer Jennifer M Gonzalez uh oh.. its called moment... i might..download...
This is actually not funny..its sad...I have an unlimited plan on my phone but if Im with my wife,at dinner, or out with friends...the phone stays at home I dont need it that bad.
Gustavo Maciel can't find this app called Moment :(
As long as the amount of time that you spend on your phone isn't interfering with your physical, social, mental, and spiritual wellbeing and growth, how often you use your phone isn't really that poisonous.
who's using their phone while watching this video
Has anyone found this app on android? I'm curious
Buzzfeed just added 4mins.32secs to most peoples times just now....
Not for androids.. that sucks..
I spend almost an hour just watching BuzzFeed videos.
Funny video, but before you become paranoid about phone usage...the probable confounding variable on the 54 pickups/ 5.8 hours is that she probably used her phone to do things that require longer usage. Like watching videos, reading books, etc. I'm sure everyone has realized that smartphones are mini-computers. Personally, I don't use my phone for social-media, but I listen to NPR, watch TED talks, and read my emails daily.
Trying to find it on play store. . What's the app look like? Anyone?
Anything similar to this app for Android I'm curious if I use my 📱 as much as I think
Kiah Duncan Annie Gray Kimberlee Elizabeth Leah Bl Genevieve Brown I spy a lush pot in the background at 1:49-1:50
I actually did this for a Psychology class. But I used Checky instead, which is a free app that tells you how often you check your phone!
I can't find the app.
What is the app name and does it go with Samsung?
I would be so bad but I use it as a watch, a calculator, a datebook, camera, notepadn etc etc. oh and FB & games. Lol
Joanne Lim Jordan Keith
Yash Whabi
Omg Katlyn we were just talking about this! Haha let's download the app and see
Shannon Feeney ... You need to do this!
Anthony Richardson Richard Moreno Diana Mata Manny Melendez Mary Palmer Daniel Badillo Nyla Jacobs
Scotty Dobler hmmm
Jeez that chicks iphone 6 is like a tablet no thanks I'll stick to my 5s they are supposed to be getting smaller not bigger
Susan Polo Katherine Polo
So true. Luis Laje
I know it has to be nearly 5 to 6 hours total depending on what day it is.... cause on a weekend when I have nothing better to do than to catch up with my shows I can travel and do anything else while still on my phone for hours at a time Evan I'll be the one in the shower while on my phone, u can ask Tiera and do the dishes while watching YouTube videos at the same time
Maxwell omg i'm probably a lot more than most of these people haha
Paige Marier
Trisha Chastek I should do this
They think they are bad I'm. A stay at home mom who has cartons on all day for my toddler then I let my husband play video games on the tv so my phone and games are my main source of entertainment I would estimate I'm on my phone 7 hours a day but I probity only pick it up under 100 times lol
Yachna Kulchandani THIS IS YOU
Peter Roberts I never actually put my phone down lmao
Gisel G. Cabrales we gotta download this and check lol
Tracy Sarah Tiffany Theresa

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