When someone cute walks in

When someone cute walks in Vine By: ほほみこ
When someone cute walks in
Published on 10/18/2017
When someone cute walks in
Vine By: ほほみこ


dat anime in the background.
When someone cute as hell but you a owl...
i heard anime voice
IM A HUGE OWL LOVER can someone PLEASE tell me the name of this species of owl??? ;_; adorable
Where the hell are they getting these owls!?
I love how anime fans peeped the conversation in the background
When someone cute walks in and you try to call your homies without making it obvious
with the anime voice heard, I think a more proper name for the vine would be "When someone kawaii walks in"
Me,when i saw somebody watching anime.
desu neee ~~
When you see someone touching bae
@celestek28 how cute
Mmmhmmm! Lol cute!!
It looks like Pokemon
someone threw a pokeball
That hoot was so cute
Tahlia When you're at a party and someone has coke
10 points to gryffindor to the weeaboo who can name the anime in the background (inb4 boku no pico)
Adorable & beautiful animal.
Izzy Montoyaa when i seen u come in the room (; lol
When you checkin out the anime chicks xD xD xD
lol .. dat Desu neeee
What anime is that. Ugh sounds all to familiar
That's a HOHO
Anime in the background lmaooo
i hear anime in the background o.o
Y esoooooo???
Owl-san, what anime?
Como cuando no te dejan ver la tele agusto! :v
That's cute
when a girl walks in an engineering calculus class, with 500 guys.
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 pptttddr on dirait nous
Jeanne il y a un tacos la bas 😂❤❤
Du som vente på klokka å hælg Svein???
Olivia Baxman when some cute guys come in at Franklin XD XD XD
Creapy but cute 🙅
Monisha Uchil Checking out cute guys be like ! :P
Claudia Arzate
when you're at the pizza buffet and you think they come out with more food
Love it ,,,Love it,,,xxx
hay viene la q te gusta atua normal
😂 brilliant!
Anime in back ground !!!!!!!!!!!
okatokat ang. mata me kamukha sya
The transformer owl

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