When people take anime too far By SupremeDreams_1

When people take anime too far  By SupremeDreams_1
When people take anime too far By SupremeDreams_1
Published on 10/19/2017
When people take anime too far By SupremeDreams_1


At the end the other dudes raised their hands to actually try and give this nigga some energy 🙌🏽 😂😂
Lol he said "Bro you can't do that in a fight"😂
That nigga power level like
still better than the fight of the century
My nigga didn't believe in the heart of the cards!!!!smh... Amateur
It should say when anime dosnt take you far enough.lol
You can never take anime too far
Anime is the best. Life story.
Someone like my comment to see this again
Anime geeks do this? 😂
Anime fights between homies.
When you call anime a cartoon.
If you dont know these three anime you never had a child hood.
1) he probably has low chakra, that's where he fucked up, even Naruto couldn't pull off a shadow clone in the beginning
2) he said trap card and that was definitely a monster card no wonder that shit didn't activate
3) doesn't he know it takes 2 episodes to charge a spirit bomb and about 3 to power up completely
#Facts Jerry Medina Tyler Perkins Ian Thomas Hook Xavier Jester
Too much anime will kill you
Why would he do yugioh during a street fight lmaoo
Eddy Peng you when you play basketball and try to be like kuroko
Then he thinks of his friends, family, master, etc., and that one special person and then gets crazy strong and wins hahaha
this nigga is anime vs. reality wahhaha
I swear, black people and anime man...always OD
let the white and asians do anime stuffs. blacks, just dont.
Dreamerss anime :v .. That wont exist!
this gon be you bruh if your girl keep pushin that anime on you 😂😂😂 Keaton English
This fight is stupid making anime looking bad Os stupid
No lelouch vi britannia with geass powers I'm sad 😔
idc wht anybody says -_- anime is bae <3
dis guy watched a lot of anime before going to dis fight
Fighting like anime lol
DBZ characters stay jumping ppl. Dont expect a fair one! 😂😂😂😂😂
Kage bunshin no jutsu xDDD
hahahahahahahahah otaku lord hahahhahahahahahah!!! cant stop laughing!!!! hahahahahhahaha!!!
Lol i watch anime, however i dont do this in a fight...
Tajuu kage bunshin no jutsu
i cant imagine nigga watch anime sorry
lmaoo that's my nigga right there anime crazy
Yeah, the dude in the white tee watches way too much Hajime no Ippo...
it is not our fault that we love Japanese anime
Kage Bunshin no jutsu
For all you like "power level?" It's from dragon ball Z, it's and anime show
Taylor Hembroff is this you? You need to stop taking out anime books
Yow I swear anime influences kids more than drill music aye 😂😂 Jason Brice
Carta Keating as far as I go is fire dragon roar from fairy tail 😂
Paul Purkis i really want u to get into a fight and do some Naruto moves to sort em out hahahahahahaha
Weeaboo's in a fight XD
How pathetic but made me laugh none the less , imagine if someone really pulled a pokemon card out on u In a fight 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
I want to be next to fight this nigga

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