When An Ad Comes On Before A Video

When An Ad Comes On Before A Video
When An Ad Comes On Before A Video
Published on 10/19/2017
When An Ad Comes On Before A Video


Theres a magical tool for firefox and chrome called Adblock
Would have been awesome if this video started with a fake ad.
You know what really grinds my gears? When these videos of buzzfeed premiere, you always see "You guys are really running out of ideas". Well nah crap, captain obvious, maybe if you weren't on Facebook 99 percent of your life, you might get a kick out of em regardless.
Theses two make the best BuzzFeed Video's. Not saying that all Buzzfeed video's are bad but I favor them the most :^)
I can just see it now in a few months time when Buzzfeed have ran out of ideas.. "What it's like to see"
"Americans try American food for the first time"
"What it's like to like"
*Watches Buzzfeed video on YouTube, has to see an ad first*
thank you Adblock for handling for me :3
You're a LoL fan when you read A-D before ad
Definitely are desperate for ideas with this one
I love their bromance
Well that was an ADventure.
Uhm no mostly everyone is like "fucking ads!" I would sometimes much rather close the tab and not watch the video than sit through all the ads...
pathetic vid. unfollow u got it son
This has literally never happened
Its the complete opposite.
I've neverrrr been like this over an ad.. lol
NO. got AD block best decision ever.
Haha! Dante!
Great way to justify people watching the ads you get paid for people to view on Youtube.. lol
True Story.
Where did the zombie come from?
BuzzFeed is trying to convince you to stick with time-wasting ads; what a joke!
Never seen an ad on youtube..
Who watches the ads, I always ignore them
Bad acting
"Add three inches to your (beep) today" huh..........
Seldom do I find an ad that holds my attention
Adblock... I haven't seen an ad in forever.
Really because I just hit mute and look at my phone until it's over.
you can skip a youtube ad by pressing 'L' *flies away on magical alpaca*
I just refresh the video to skip the ad, if that doesn't work, I open up the same site in 3 other different tabs and if one of them skips the ad, I delete the other 3. That's just me, if it helps you guys then, AWESOME!!
you can press the key "L" on the keyboard to skip ads instead of installing some fancy mumbo jumbo ad block thing. just saying :P
It annoys me lol
Just look at the - BANG - *GASP*
Lmao happens to me every damn time
Nope. I can't click that "skip ad" fast enough.
I installed Adblock plus in chrome. No ads
I love their bromance
Haha I get mad at myself if I press it too fast some times...lol
every time
Adblock will sort all that out for you!
"Where did the zombies come from O_o"
Hahaha kittens

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