When a Thug Teacher tells you to stop talking, you listen.

When a Thug Teacher tells you to stop talking, you listen.
When a Thug Teacher tells you to stop talking, you listen.
Published on 10/19/2017
When a Thug Teacher tells you to stop talking, you listen.


this is the only reason I go on Facebook anymore
Dawe? Rabble Kingski Henry Chandler Hamish Bain Angus Bain Alexei Watkins
Anirudh Hitesh Mehul Vinesh Manjeet Singh
Fintan Keane Paul Arundel Howie Jay Liam Robert Ashleigh Liam Duncan I guess this is how Fintan earned his gangsta rep at school
Isaac Tafelmeyer Kutter Varty Riley Larson why didnt ms col. Ever do this...
Someone left their snickers at home again.....
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Whoa! When the conductor is talking, the orchestra SHOULD listen...
Evan N. Wilson, Vince Pena, Sharon A. Ray, Jay Terrien, Christine Wu
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Brody Zak Colin Shrider Mr.Knudsvig thug life
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He'd be a thug til I put my foot in his ass for 1. Engaging my child like that cus it was an over reaction
2. Compensation for that damn violin
This is real life stuff...I've experienced instrument throwing, music stand flying, podium flipping, chair tossing and even a classmate getting a "whoopin'" in music class. Not to mention all of the cuss outs...(especially in college)....
Take it from me, when a music instructor or band teacher asks you to be quiet....You better shut up and stop playing your instrument right then and there. I mean this with every breath in my body, there is no teacher crazier than a band teacher. Seriously.
Band teachers are already one accidental away from snapping on your kid for playing the wrong note. lol😂
I always told my kids, the only voice that I need to hear is your instrument's voice. 💯
Parents: Tell your kids to get into the music, read ahead, pencil in notes or check that fingering chart and be quiet or else!!! 😂😂😂😂
No seriously....😏😎
We need more teachers like this
One of the best April fools I've seen a teacher pull
Does he bring those props to every band class? Perhaps a voice mic would help and a whistle. They did it for me.
what this is music

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