Whatever sport this is, I want in!

Whatever sport this is, I want in!
Whatever sport this is, I want in!
det fixa lol kan
Published on 10/18/2017
Whatever sport this is, I want in!


Connor McCarten why dont we play this in school :'(
It's called Bubble Soccer and they have a league in Chicago
Annie Hobson Becky Britten Elliott Lee Liam Taft Mollie Arif this looks awesome!
Looks like fun and dangerous at the same time,especially with my dodgy knee! Maybe if they had cotton wool bubbles? lol!
Auriane de Brauwere
Ahahahahahah Alison Russanowski ça serait trop bien
Sabrina Brossard Okk faut trop faire ça! :')
Sheky Rose hahhahahhahaHahahahahX'D
Hahhahahaha Anke Roefs omg!
Cornelia des warad wos fia uns :P ♡
Lad os lige prøve noget lignende!! Huhuhu! Vi tager ned på det der græs areal ved dig til sommer og så går vi amok i sådan en der!! Rie Frederikke Aastedt Mogensen
Fuck det ville være det fedeste!! Rie Frederikke Aastedt Mogensen Maria Bigum Christensen
Bilal Hussain sick imagine aftab doing that hahahahaha
Kai Lehmann♥
I know yeah ;o Jeyda
Demi Horsley Jarome Whitchurch Hayden Wilson
Julie Nguyen FUCKEN LOL
Katerina Liaconis can we please ?
Lupin Salocin Aaron Acosta Arvee Espino Phil Dela Cruz James Salvador Gonzales Mike
Ben Oliver Jane Carmel
Lauren Caia Karl Abourizk Lara White
Jake Fewster keen?
Can we do this? Tom King Tom Essex Hugh Amery Riley Carter Reiley Murtagh Brydon Robins
Hahaha let's play this! Bambi
Jonathon McTaggett
Ell Thomson
You don't realise how much I want to do this Ewan Evans
Ryan Fann Tony Chung Jordan Choi Paul McDaid Phil Lee I wouldn't mind playing a game of 5s like this! !!
Molly Grenfell and Annie Yin
Nice bit of gaylick Jake Stewart Rhys Watkins Jack French
id fuckin knock everyone out
Selma Muminovic Megan Nguyen Quincy Tobin We need to do this. Immediately.
Jesper Roozendaal Amy van Wetten
nästa gympalektion? :) Elisabeth Dalarna Andersson Kalle Hultman
Jenni Davies Isaleyarna Bailey
Leona Thomas - I wish we had that way back when- there were several people I would have loved to slam. But I probably would have taken the hit as a frosh playing bball
Chrislyn AndresLauren RileyNina Autajay
FETT NICE!! 😍😍 Pasha Tarzi Danny LoOco Reyes ska fan försöka!
Benjamin Iman Akbari om ni kan fixa kan jag dö lycklig :D
Benjamin Iman Akbari kan ni fixa det här i skolan? :D
Kat Wantsabmw Daniel Bevilacqua madddd
Pasha Tarzi man borde fixa i rudbeck lol
Jayden Mchamish BaileyJohno LarkingJaxon Williams
Caleb Dias hahaha
Jayden Fergusson!!!!!!!
Félix Béland Michael Bellavance jveux trop essayer ca !!! Enrico Ianniciello
Kenoath Sachin Santhosh
Kira Mowatt Lewis McFarlane Jordy Campbell
John Seghers
Emily Butler

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