What Your Worst Day Looks Like To Everyone Else

What Your Worst Day Looks Like To Everyone Else
What Your Worst Day Looks Like To Everyone Else
everyone lol haha work
Published on 10/20/2017
What Your Worst Day Looks Like To Everyone Else


Or everyone notices you're a mess and points it out as if you didn't already know.
LOL! "..I wish I was blonde"
"My mom is so mad at me right now. Why am I such a terrible daughter?" My life.
this is me because no one would ever know if my day was bad or not because i come off so positively
they didn't even tag her with the video she made ;(
"He's facebook official with this bitch? He wouldn't even tag me in a photo.. What is she.. She's so pretty." 😂😂
This is so many people... and when they finally speak up and say something... it is brushed off because the mask has been 'too good' :'( Very well done and I hope this goes viral (y)
Describes my week
"I wish I was blonde"
video about my life story lmao
She's definitely my favorite buzz feed employee
me on a good day
"my roommate kicked me out. . . the west side is awful"
This was frustrating to watch. I could relate to some parts. If you're one of those "story of my life" ppl - take some this as some friendly advice: speak up and ask for help. Those positive ppl who say nice things about you need to tell you.
This does show us that things aren't always as they appear. Be kind and don't assume. :)
A good reminder that not everyone that smiles is having a good day, and not everyone is thinking what you think they are.....so don't expect others know what you are thinking.
i just wnna go to bed...story of my life
Omg I've been there. We all have been there. But better things come after
Julia Maass Lol, "You don't even know my life." Totally what goes on in my head.
"I wish I was blonde." Oh Hun no you don't. Cuz when you're a blonde having a bad day, everyone goes "but you're not suppose to be" or "but don't blondes have more fun?"
Not easy being blonde when everyone automatically thinks you're chirpy and positive. Lolz.
"Im gonna get fired .. oh hi .." lol
The problem with people having "worst days of their lives" is because of the way they think. They always thinking the worsts.. and so for that's what their live turns out to be.. you attract what you think..simple
Summary of my life...
Maria Gonzalez....yep!...just not the last part I like being brunette....have a great day! 😆
If this is her worst day of her life then she has a pretty good life
She looks like she should play Ana in fifty shades. She's adorable.
I feel your pain Allison!!!
Her name is Alison. Bye
Allison crying while sunbathing
i already planned out my life to work here when im older
I have this days... Everyday :(
ohhhhhh my GOD my worst day is much much worse then this
Soo me the last two weeks but then I remembered "I got this" and moved on
nope.no where even close to that nice...a bad day is when you gotta worry about getting stabbed while at work and a worse day is when you get shot or shoot some one welcome to armed security 101.
Maliaa Jayy it does haha. We never tell anyone what's going on. She looks like you though haha☺️💁
Cyra Olsen HAHAHA omg so not me. I have no filter. Thank those that do tho
my life right now!!!
"I wish I was blond" I feel you there.
Gerardo I want to exchange hugs with her so bad😭 *sensitive Tania*
I wish I was Blonde!
Lol just smile and look pretty haha
This is so me !! 😰
So that's what I look like... Everyday to people #istayhavinbaddays
Jillian R. Faustino this made me think of you at work lol. Idk why. It just did. ♡
Temma i found this so funny :DDD this is me all the time
Cindy at least your bad days aren't like this lol
Christina Blum thought this was funny since you keep seeing my worst moments;)
Christina, I feel like you're the only other girl I know that relates to this k love you bye
Shaugn Coggins Libby Thomas this was me yesterday
"I wish I was blonde" aahahhaahh
"the coffee machine is broken" Hannah Bond I cAnt stop laughing😂😂😂

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