What Your Morning On The Internet Looks Like

What Your Morning On The Internet Looks Like With Quinta B.
What Your Morning On The Internet Looks Like
Published on 11/23/2017
What Your Morning On The Internet Looks Like
With Quinta B.


More like "What my whole day on the internet looks like"
"What those are my only two options?" Lol😂
"What are we gunna do about this.....OHHHH, look at that cat!!" LOL
"Aren't cops supposed to protect us?"
We all wonder that.
Lol I think she's my favorite
"I'm so happy i live alone"
My thoughts everyday... lol
Way to fuel the police hate fire...... :(
So me. But yea what are we going to do about police brutality ?! Thanks for the video because we need to realize that America government isn't protecting us. Young men are being killed for pointless reasons ! It's like this country is controlled by a tyrant and the cops are literally robots.
This is accurate on so many levels.
I like how they slipped in the important issues like police brutality && stealing from the poor && giving to the rich . Everyday Issues
I don't see why people are bothered by the "aren't cops supposed to protect us" part.
These days it's hard to scroll down your news feed and NOT see something about police brutality.
I found this whole video entertaining and rather authentic.
She's seems like she is so much fun! Like really cool to hang with. I just realized I'm lonely...😕
What Your Entire M̶o̶r̶n̶i̶n̶g̶ Day On The Internet Looks Like
Lol yup!! That's my morning too Quinta B.👏😊😂😂😂
The internet is the biggest distraction man has ever known. It's a billon times worse then television!!
"What your moaning on the internet looks like"
This needs to be longer because I just kept laughing & laughing at it because it's so me! For hours! It's both sad & wonderful at the same time!
More like "How the media distracts you from the real issues"
Watching this whilst mindlessly surfing FB is very meta right now.
Haha yup pretty much sums it up.
Kardashians. Kardashians. Kardashians.
Soo true. That's alllll I see on the internet.
Wow, come on buzzfeed. Way to get your personal opinion in there.
Wait, a cat says "meew?"
Funny. I like her!
I'd rather give to the rich...
Spot on, Quinta. Every morning it seems like there another heartbreaking story. Compassionate people want the madness to stop.
Steal from the poor or give to the rich? LOOOOOOL
Wtf😂😂 she is so funny
Steal from the poor or give to the rich?... The fuq?!?
Well this is creepy, it really is like watching myself...only it's not me...but it's like my actions...me but not me...
Shows you sad things and people dying get passed over by cute animals.
This is EXACTLY the truth. If its's uncomfortable then so what. Toughen up. Life has good moments and dark ones; sometimes mixed together rapidly alternating. Good job buzzfeed on this one
I wish my hair look like that when I woke up
Came here just to lol at all the ANGRY comments about her cop question. Yall didn't fail me.
Yep... This is the truth.
This is my Saturday morning.....
Awww she is that "You got money" girl!! hehhehehe
She must have been looking on my timeline
I'm glad she hit on police brutality
Freaking LOVE Quinta B!! She needs her own show I would for sure watch!
"I'm so happy I live alone" -me
What those are my only two options😂😂😂
Love her. LOL
This just showed me whats wrong with the world. Why is it a video of a goddamn cat or kim kardashians ass can instantly distract us from the troubles we are facing in the world? The comments on this video made it so much worse. Y'all need to open your eyes.
It was funny until that one part... Can't anything just be funny without slipping some bullshit in there? If you're brave enough to do it, then have a separate video for that. Don't be pussies about it, and don't make that girl a stereotype. You're better than that.
too true, and kinda sad
Sad part is when you're engaged and do this... I REGRET NOTHING!
Quinta is the best *^*
Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow LMAOOO
Great job Quinta

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