What You Should Eat When...

What You Should Eat When...
What You Should Eat When...
Published on 10/23/2017
What You Should Eat When...


I'm going to make frozen yogurt containing cherries, almonds, bananas, and put a few shavings of dark chocolate on top.
Am I the only one who hates her voice?
avocado is d worst UGHH
David Quesada have some dark chocolate, avocado and almonds ;)
When you watch so much buzzfeed you recognize them by voice lol
as per my experience, everything here doesn't relate to what i use them for except coffee. but maybe it might be different for u. I watched it on mute though so i don't know if i missed anything lol Layah Mathieu
The voice tho
Or just moosh the whole lot into a blender. Problem Solved!
Dhatchayani Kanna Shobana Teyagarajan Sha Merlin Mascrenhas Ganga Andherwildestdreams Anish Fatimah
Mark Philip
Tricia Necy Anne T,N,K what we need for 5 days :)
Buddhike Kularatne Jordan Jacobs Prad Yogarajah Latheson Lavi Pathmajeewa Shavin Perera Jay Weeraratne
good to know Ysa Cartagena Ay Gee Senilicius Sabido Corey John..
Nick FlackWill Rodriguez
Garlic? >.<
BOOST pala kala ko BOOTS XDD hahaha
Am I the only one who noticed that 48% was written as 48,\' 😂
when i can't sleep, i'll always eat cherries . :-D
Is it Sara's voice? :)
I need a lot of cherries
Some tips Beb!
That banana fish became extinct when the minions discovered them... poor banana fish :'(
Thanks a lot JC. I use all of these except lime/lemons. I'll go out and buy some tomorrow. Everything else is in house :-)
Pei Wen , Mandy Chang , Hailey Ng Wen Yi
Miranda Sonali
good luck for your exams guys! Sara Deborah Daniel :)
Kyle Craig
Hayfa Salman Manal Salman
Kelly Umby Sandra Chua Jessica Ong Farah Liem
Ana Lorena Rodriguez Armida Escalante
Shaun Pipatpinyo Antonia Pascalis Kimberly Luu MarinAdam Hubbard Nishiura
Samantha Knight
Sergio I believe you would enjoy this! - your welcome!
Naveeta Mohan Chelsea Boodram
Wesley Yuri Lopez Ana Cua
Stock up on cherries and almonds!!!! April Vang
Eargasm ahhh 😂
she called me a dummy ):
I'll stick with a snickers
No wonder why I'm so hyped after work , I always drink a whole glass of lemon water right after 😒
Finally a video worth watching 👌🏻
Her voice makes me want to sleep. It's sounds relaxing.
No lo sapevo hahaha
"Drink some water dummy , you'll love it" 😂😂😂😂😭
Is there one with every if these things?
I actually disliked the voice ... It was hard to stay interested in something I was interested in before I started watching.
Melatonin.. Which promotes sleep.. Memo Salinas ;) Happy midnight snacking MS

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