What You Say Vs. What I Hear (6 Coded Words For Black People)

What You Say Vs. What I Hear (6 Coded Words For Black People)
What You Say Vs. What I Hear (6 Coded Words For Black People)
Published on 11/24/2017
What You Say Vs. What I Hear (6 Coded Words For Black People)


When I say ghetto I mean ghetto I dont care if your white asian black or the other if you act ghetto you act ghetto
i use the word sketchy for weird or dangerous things. stop twisitng words and putting ideas in everyones head buzzfeed
People are too afraid to be confronted with what people of colour deal with their entire lives. This situations happen so often to black people and it's still racism no matter how subtle or coming from "people with friendly intentions". Hey but who cares what I say. Lets just sweep it under the rug and say stuff like: seriously buzz feed? Don't bring racism up? Get over it! 😒😒😒😒
Here comes the "you're creating racism comments" from all the people who've never experienced racism. 😒
BuzzFeed running out of ideas again
And to those who are unfollowing Buzzfeed and saying this is crap, you are completely missing the point. As a black woman I have heard every single one of these things and have thought every single one of these responses. Rather you choose to admit or not some of your counterparts do say these things. Are they purposely meaning to be offensive, no. Does offense to the statements happen at times absolutely. These things happen. Relax if it's not you Kudos! If it is or has been you, learn from your mistakes and vow to not repeat them.
Overthinking much?
Don't click the "Edited" button... I accidentally said something offensive. 😥
Oh my gawd. So many white people freaking out and saying this is "racist towards white people" and shit. It's just some social commentary.
And for those that think this is perpetuating racism: Racism does not get perpetuated by calling attention to it. It gets perpetuated when you ignore it.
This is making it sound like all black people spend every second of their day trying to take anything anybody says to them offensively. Which, of course there ARE people like that of every race, I think it's ignorant to perpetuate that image like it's funny. It's basically saying white people are stupid, and black people are always upset about anything white people say to them. Lol.
The articulate thing is really the only accurate one for me. And maybe some part of the hair one.
this vid is too real for people to handle
Yeah Im black and I didn't care for this one too much.
Lmao ghetto started as a term for the Jewish ghetto really buzzfeed.
Didn't even bother to watch the video cause I could tell it's just bullshit. Wow smh 😑
I don't think sketchy or sassy are associated with black people.
Notice how it's mostly white people saying this video is bullshit...
It seems kind of strange that most of the people offended by this video are not black. It is somewhat accurate and I'm sure plenty of black people can relate to at least one of these situations.
Y'all do understand most of these negative comments are coming from almost everyone besides people of color... Maybe everything in this video is not spot on, but something can be taken from this video. Things you say are not always taken like you meant to say it.
Sassy isn't racially charged. How did buzzfeed get a seat at the White House?
okay.... I don't really think like this. my white friends don't act like this neither so I guess there's no hidden message for me
If you're a black person living in America, you've heard every single one of these.
Buzzfeed this is awesome. Thank you for keeping the conversation going. To all the white people saying this is "racist," educate yourselves and check your privilege.
People who say they don't use certain words for other things-- okay, great! You're one of the people who DON'T do that, good for you! You're awesome!
This is about people who DO. If you don't do it, don't worry about it. And for people saying it's BS or "racial uproar" or "race baiting," um...no, no it's not. For a complete "change" we must talk about it and face it head on. Even make fun of it from time to time. Just because it makes you uncomfortable doesn't mean it's crap.
There should be an edited version on "what you hear" vs. "WHAT I ACTUALLY SAID".
Yes. Yes. Yes. Tell me how can an iPhone be ghetto? Lol. PS- NOT talking about race and racism doesn't make it go away!!!!
Thanks buzzfeed!!!!!!
My friend at work calls me sassy everyday. Gasp he's black and I'm white. He must be a racist asshole
So white people are idiots, and black people are too sensitive and over-analytical? Good job, Buzzfeed.
This video was actually on point...and I don't think the video is calling any particular group 'racist'. The words were more stereotypical--the entire point of the video! Interesting to see so many people automatically get offended.
Alleys are sketchy.
Sassy people are sassy
If you're sassy, then you're sassy. It has nothing to do with your race. This is bullshit and not funny at all. It's almost as bad as the "questions for straight people" video. Fuck you guys. You used to be funny.
Please take the time to notice that everyone who's angry about this video are white people, the people who will NEVER experience racism. This video is about a black experience so why don't we actually listen to people who experience this.
worst video you've ever posted. dislike.
What you say: "BuzzFeed running out of ideas again." What I hear: "This doesn't effect me in any way so obviously this post is complete garbage." What you say: "You got us. We white people are all racist." What I hear: "I don't want to do the work to unpack the fact that microaggressions and coded language with racist implications are real in society so I'm going to be flippant and disregard the experiences of POC." And now I'm going to be attacked but whatever. I'm tired of this.
Haha, why is it that white people are always the idiots in these videos. I don't think or speak like that and I don't want to be depicted that way either.
If this is what you hear, maybe you're the racist one? Sorry not sorry.
Seriously? This is the most ridiculous video I've ever seen. I'm mad that I even watched it.
Um this is extremely racist. For both whites and blacks. If I say a place is ghetto, it's ghetto. No race associated. ..If someone is articulate and im impressed it's because this generation is very poor spoken.
um nope. am I the only one that thinks of the Jewish ghettos during Nazi Germany when they hear ghetto?
Wow buzz feed are assholes for making this shitty video. This is super racist and wrong.
The Articulate one is the one I most agree with 💯
I think this is pretty accurate, the only people who are offended are people who don't understand or people who are "tired of hearing about racism". Wake up people! It's alive and kicking. And honestly this is more of stereotyping than racism.
Now do an opposite one Buzzfeed! Where only BLACK people say "offensive" things to ONLY white people.
But, maybe not...considering black people are the only ones who experience racism. 👍🏼👍🏽👍🏾👍🏿
I don't think the video is promoting racism or that it is stating that those words are racist words, it is stating when you use the words in certain contexts how it is perceived by (black) people in this instance and how offensive it can be.. You may not mean in an offensive way doesn't mean that it won't be taken that way. It's more about stereotypes and people buying into them when it comes to different races, than it is about racism. In this instance it just happens to be how black people view it, and I for one have had some of those things said to me and it is kind of like ummm should I be offended by that lol. Stop always trying to dispel the fact that racism is not here, nobody said using these words mean your a racist..but as for this video, I didn't feel it was depicting racism in anyway.
A lot of white people are here are misconstruing what is racist to what is just rude to a black person. What makes these rude comments rude are they are couched in racist ideas, that black are unintelligent, or inherently dangerous. People pointing out instances where they said this with no racist intent doesn't change the fact that people us these same saying for racist intent Step outside of yourself and see the issues in society, don't dismiss this video because you don't do it.! The fact that so many people can't see this is the reason why videos like this need to be out there. Dismissing other people's ordeals only makes the problem worse.
.umm I may be white but don't go saying I never experience racism . Black girls don't talk to me becuase I'm white . My high school , you weren't cool if you were white you didn't fit in . I got jumped by black women because my boy friend was half black dating a white girl . Play the race card all you want sweetheart it doesn't make a difference what color you are . Our president is black for crying out loud .
Sassy and sketchy?? Seriously? Wow, don't flatter yourselves. When I say those words, its not about "black people". I use those words for all kinds of people and situations....... These are all descriptive words that I'm sure most white people use also to describe other white people as well....
It's sad to say but it's facts all of it I've been apart of it first hand; once we moved out of the "urban ghetto" lol I came across whites that said all of those things... I think white people are really blind to how racist their people are as a whole it's something that just comes naturally to them in my "opinion"
I grew up in the suburbs and my best friends growing up were white. We rode dirt bikes and 4wheelers and went "muddin'" n all that shit. I don't see nor did I have a problem with my friends touching my hair the one or two times that they did. I was the one black person they knew that they were comfortable around. We joked about race but it was in good taste and not once did I ever feel like the were being offensive. Some black people need to lighten up and not be so quick to get offended about everything. Videos like these sometimes teach others to feel as tho they should be offended when really it's no big deal.

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