What The World's Largest Corgi Gathering Is Like

What The World's Largest Corgi Gathering Is Like
What The World's Largest Corgi Gathering Is Like
Published on 12/10/2017
What The World's Largest Corgi Gathering Is Like


wht if you go home and figure out you took the wrong dog !
I'm the only one who loves right shark and left shark??💕💕💕💜💜💜🐬🐚🐙🐡🐳🐋🐠
I wonder what happens if you show up with a different type of dog lol
Why leave out other breeds? Great idea to have a puppy beach day but this is like doggy discrimination.
Left boob and right boob almost made an appearance lol.
Soooo much poop.
Don't lose your corgi at this gathering. You're screwed if you do.
really? A repost buzzfeed?! <3 the doge
Sorry, are they giving away FREE corgis?
I wonder if they'd allow mix breed corgis?
I have a lab/corgi mix, and I think she'd LOVE to go to something like this.
sounds like a lot of dog poop lol
It's a dog beach so other breeds were there. I'd say close to 1000 corgis.
This is awesome.
I still love pugs 😒.. #puglife but I'm not gonna lie corgis are cute too
I had not! OMG! Wendy Kimbrell that makes me want to go get another. They have the BEST disposition! It made me giggle when she said "all he wants to do is play fetch" Ruben could play slobber ball for hours.
Gloria lol omg i bet if there's a pug one canaan would go lol with his future pugs :p but people might go home with the wrong dogs cause they all look the same lol
Corgis are the companions of evil geniuses or mad scientists. I'm disappointed that not one of them attended this meet.
cute cute
This is an actual "thing"?
corgis corgis everywhere <3
I don't have a corgi.. but would rent one for the next event! lol
nice!!!!!!! so cute.
I want a CorgiDamnit
Cuteness melted!
i want a corgi!
I want a corgi soooo bad 😩
Dachshund anyone? Lol
omggg :D
awwwww I really want a corgi so much more right now
I have owned many corgi pups. Great dogs!
I want one! But I can't lift heavy dogs. They look at least 30 lbs. Are there miniature with the same wonderful personalities??
oh how I wish me and my corgi were there😢😢
The Queen and her Corgis are probably lost in that crowd and loving it!
Hahaha! Still upset we missed the big Corgi beach day!
Awwww ❤ and my night got better, so cute
Do they find their soul mates here? Is it like corgi dating?
I hope I'm not the only one that's disappointed this event doesn't take place in England.
kimberly banks
did you mean: heaven?
Thumbs up! Love the Corgi doggie
i thought is orgy hahah i just woke up sorry
iiii cirgiiiiies <3
Sare Brydon daves favourite dog they're funny buggers lol
Jessica just gonna tag you in every corgi thing I come across.
I wanna gooooo!!!!😍😍😍😍💜💛💙💙💛💜
corgi orgi
I 💛 dogs 🐶

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