What The N-Word Feels Like

What The N-Word Feels Like
What The N-Word Feels Like
Published on 11/19/2017
What The N-Word Feels Like


i wish i could hug all these guys
No one, under no circumstance should say the "N" word. Being black, white or latino, friends, hommies or not.. by using this word regardless of the context, you're allowing new generations to get familiar with this word, and it will keep going forever. We have enough with the people that think it, but don't say it, so please don't say it. :-)
Just disgusted that it is 2015 and this word is still in our vocabulary,
It's a horrible, hateful, ugly word, & it's a damn shame those profiled here have had to endure it. But I wish EVERYONE would stop using it...including African American youths, who seem to use it more than anyone else!
I love all the white people acting like they know how a person of color should feel after being called this ugly word. It absolutely blows my mind that I see WHITE people justifying a person calling another human being this word because other people of that race say "niggah." They're telling us they hurt and you're telling them their feelings are wrong, this isn't about you and how YOU think people should feel. I don't see why people born in this generation can't wrap their brains another race hurting from nasty words such as this. There is never a justification for this disgusting word or ANY derogatory word used to hurt another race. I think a lot of the commenters I've already seen have a lot of growing and self reflecting to do, the ignorance in this comment feed makes me cringe.
This is a touchy subject however i appreciate the effort to start dialogue. Not ALL blacks use and approve of the word.
Then why do black people get to call other black people the n word and its ok?
That doesnt make sense.
The fact that it's offensive when anyone but a black person says it is beyond me.
"in this thread: white people dictating how, what, and when black people should be able to use certain words + white people defining words for black people.
GOOD JOB. you're not racist at all."
Not my words but I couldn't sum up this comment feed any better.
Stop telling people how they should feel, try listening instead of always being on the defense.
It's like hearing all Asians are Chinese, are constantly told Ching chong. As if it's the only vocabulary we have as human beings. Or being called chinks simply because our eyes are a bit more slanted and or different eye shape then most. In the end terms like this will forever live. No matter how nasty it can and may be.
A lot of white people are on here like "but if black people say it why can't we" just looking for a reason to be racist. Not all black people use the N word and there is a difference in putting ER or A after the word. Hell, I see more white people calling each other nigg(a) now than anything. Every time there's a story or video about blacks I see people from other races get on here and try to define our experiences or what you THINK you know. Over it.
There's a difference being called a nigger vs being a nigga with your homies
I believe racial slurs shouldn't be used by anyone. I went to a mostly black high school. I never heard the white kids say nigger, but I heard it ALL the time. We got called crackers and honkies. It's not just the whites picking on black ppl. It's not a race problem. It's a people problem. Everyone picks on every one else.
Jamie Fox plays Django, Samuel L. Jackson also plays a strong role in that movie. Two strong black men.. Who use the word nigger over 500x in 1 2.5 hr film.
No one should use racial slurs. We should just erase all of them, because all of them hurt. Nigger, Cracker, Honky, Chink, Wet back, Beaner all of them are equally awful.
FYI! Not all blacks use this word! Not ONLY blacks use this word TOWARD EACH OTHER. It's an ignorant word that has been made mainstream. However, MOST blacks do not like it or use it towards each other. I don't call my friends BITCHES and wouldn't want them or a stranger to call me that either.
They represent a portion of us Blacks.
We have ghetto blacks.. Professional blacks.. Self educated blacks. College Educated blacks.. 9-5 blacks. Black business owners .. Section 8 blacks.. Black home owners. Black rappers. Iggy. Black singers. Black belly dancers. Preppy blacks. Gangster blacks. Black everything.
You get my point? All different types of black ppl.
One type of blacks doesn't represent ALL TYPES OF BLACKS.
What's ok to one specific person might not be ok to another.
I'm black. FULL BLACK. Not mixed. I have freckles.
I say nigga. Ppl around me say it. I laugh at kevin hart when he says it.
Am I offended when I hear others say it?
Am I offended when I'm called nigga?
But do I call every black person nigga?
Is every black person cool with it?
We're all different.
Just like the word bitch.
You might be able to called your best friend bitch.
"Lol bitch you crazy"
"That's my bitch"
"We each other bitches for life"
Do you walk around calling everyone a bitch?
Term of endearment or a term to be offensive.
Same thing with nigga.
So if I see my friend and say "what up my nigga"
Or "my nigggaAAA"
Fuck you nigger!
The "N -word" doesn't hurt.....stop being sensitive, it doesn't help
Call me what you want, I'm me anyway you toss it.
The excuse of "well you people need to stop using it first" is weak at best. Are you uncomfortable because you've used the word before? Maybe not out loud but to yourself? Maybe you sang along to some lyrics with the N word thrown around in it? Whatever the case may be heaping every black person into the same pile that uses that disgusting word is a bit too easy.
Instead of throwing it back on black ppl how about you just agree that it is a gross word? The racial slurs don't have any place in our vocabulary except to harm someone.
Im sorry but you don't get to pull out your privilege and wave it around then chant "If you people use it then why is it okay?" nope that's just not going to fly.
Let's face it, if we keep referring to each other as a color we won't get very far in finding a solution.
I apologize to anyone who has to experience this. Skin is only skin, I love who you are on inside.
Then why the fuck does your race choose to call one another nigga?! Wtf is the difference? You are still using the N word! And don't get me wrong I love all races, and all races have shit-ty in them. Don't call each other what u don't want to be called! No diff whether it ends w an A or an ER! Then u won't be offended!!
You idiots are more concerned with how it's used more than how it makes people feel??? That is beyond me.
Ironic that blacks call each other the "N" word.
I used to say that word all the time when I was younger, and now I don't say it at all, because it's just ignorant, there was a buzzfeed video a while back about what the struggles of black men go through and I commented about what I've gone through, being called an oreo, and how we as people shouldn't throw the N word around, almost every black person gave me shit about not using the N word, someone called me a coon, others just ridiculed me, and other people wanted to give me some bullshit of why we should say that word, the N word is one of the most ugliest terms in the English language because most of it comes from hatred. To put it this way, if you want to defend that word so much, then you might as well put shackles on your wrists, and go up to the nearest white man and yell out "Massa" because that's what slave owners called us to keep us in check. It's 2015 and people shouldn't say any racial slurs at all, we're all human beings, we all bleed red, let's all just love each other like we're supposed to, because we're all children of God, or any other entity you believe in, and we shouldn't be fighting with each other and saying awful things to each other we should be embracing each other through thick and thin
Yes, being called nigger hurts, just like being called any other racial slur hurts to other ethnicities.. I wish this video had people from different ethnicities talking about it instead of just one..
I was 13 and on the phone with a white friend one time and I randomly heard her dad shout "you better not be talking to that Nigger." At first I was confused because when I met her parents they liked me, and I didn't think I've done anything wrong, but from there I realized that their are closet racists and some people still can't accept the fact of an interracial relationship. It hurt and stuff to be called such a degrading term and honestly it still does, but with time you learn that your individual characteristics are what make you. Not a hateful word.
I understand the hurt behind the N-word when it's used this way. What I want to know is, is it as painful for the African American community to hear the N-word being used by other African Americans? It's used in music and as a term of hello from one African American to another. I think that if this word is not acceptable for a certain race to use, then the word needs to stop being used by its own race first!
We should start changing our music. When I moved to the United States little I knew about slavery. But I was listening that word in every song. I started calling everyone that. I never did it with the intention to hurt. I just thought if they say it. Then must be okay for me too. Until someone explained to me.
But yet we Natives express the hurt behind the term r*dskins and we are over sensitive and need to get over it smh....
shut up niggas, that word only has as much power as you give the person saying it lol. It don't bother me. I'm too intelligent to let that shit bother me.
Stop everything! I have the solution! I don't think any of you are going to actually listen, but trust me this will work. Don't act a fool when someone calls you a nigger. "Oh but how dare they say that?!" because they're stupid and not worth your time. By allowing yourself to get angry or bent out of shape over it YOU give the word the hateful power it has and they win. It's going to happen, deal with it. That is the world we live in. All people have been racist since long before we have ever existed. You want to know why white people done get all pissed off and start swinging on a mother fucker when they get called a cracker or a red neck? Because at that point you're not worth their time. "Who gives a fuck what this ignorant mother fucker is saying?" Maybe everyone can learn from this. Probably not, but I tried. If someone starts calling you racist shit, brush them off, because they're worthless at that point. If it's at a store leave or get the manager, fuck that place. If it happens walking down the street and some dude yells out the window of his car, fuck that dude. Who the fuck is he to have power over to your day and your mood? He's a Fucking nobody, so don't give him that power. The solution is there people. That's how you do it. If you took the time to read this, I at least hope you'll give it a try next time.
Why is the only concern from this video that blacks call each other the N word..i dont use it...and im still highly offended by it. ..dont use it period
Yea its a terrible word which should never be used but why is it ok when I hear black people call each other that all the time, or when its in almost every rap song? Double standard if you ask me. When a white guy says it its bad when its a black guy its just another word. Either way it shouldnt be said but its something to think about.
I love all the white people commenting that still don't get it. Most black people are saying "nigga", but the educated lot that don't use the word, don't appreciate it or its original form. Don't question why some still say. Don't ask if you can say it. Don't ask why you don't get a video. That is the most annoying thing you can do is to belittle the things buzzfeed makes for one demographic and want one about you too. It's not all about you. And no, not every black person brings up race or makes it about themselves. So please stop generalizing and just watch the fucking video. Or don't watch. Highly doubt buzzfeed cares.
"Why do black people get to call other black people the n word and its ok and it's not for white people?"
Cultural Appropriation, bitch.
It's like the way women took back the word "bitch," bitch.
"Why don't white call each other cracker?"
Because they weren't put down enough in America to make it into their own. "Where all my crackers at?!" Oh yeah, everywhere because they comprise about 70% of the American population.
I dont really get the point, its just a word. I guess people should just move on. Being a Pakistani, we r seen as terrorists, all ive got to say to those people is 'bitch, the only thing i'll ever attack is your moms pussy'
It is the 21st century. No matter what race/color you are. It is not ok to use the "n" word.
For everyone saying that it's OK when black people say it. Not all black people say it... including me. Don't overgeneralize.
That's fucked up. I would never call a black person the n word.
But then again... Why do they get to call each other that without it being offensive? I feel like they are the ones keeping the word alive.
I ignore it, doesn't bother me any. Doesn't change my lifestyle, doesn't deprive me of living like Everyone else. I still have the same advantages. To me it's just a word. I don't say it to other people but I ignore it. Every race gets called stuff. Certain religions get called stuff too. It's not just us, i think if we stop playing the victim then the victimizing might actually stop. We all have these problems.
Buzzfeed, why not make a video asking how they feel about "black people" using the n-word in songs and to each other?
I agree no one should ever ever use the n-word in a mean way, but it shouldn't be used in any way because it's not right.
"*they* can say it why can't I?"
I hate being called the n word.
The point isn't that African American people use the word at all. The point is the context in which the word is being used. African Americans began saying it to each other to take away the negative meaning and effect that slave owners created. I'm not saying that I think it's ok for anyone to use the word period, but what I am saying is that the connotation between to African Americans using the word with each other is much different than the word being used purposefully as a racial slur to hurt people by individuals of a different race/ethnicity.
I feel like we as black people can't make these videos until WE as a whole stop using the word. I don't use it. Others should stop also.
Awww, i really feel for these guys. That's sad how ignorant and mean people can be. Also, the people that are saying "well how come black people use the N word towards other black people"...these guys seem like very intellectual individuals so i doubt any of them use the N word so your comment was not needed and not every black person uses that word. I have actually seen other races use the word while i wouldn't and im black so your point is? I feel for these individuals and i love my fellow black brothers and sisters ❤. P.S. im loving the natural hair 😊
the first time i heard the n word is from my black friend... and the first time i was called the n word was from my black friend... they said it so much i felt it was ok for me to say it, and to them and really anyone that knew us, it was ok... until for me, my jr year i truly learned the meaning behind it and really dug into the history of it... and realized how ignorant it was for any1 to say such a hateful word. nobody should say it... its 1 word that should b forgotten by all!
Black people need to stop calling each other the N-Word. As i walk the hallways of my high school, I watch a black person address their black friend with the N-Word. Stop degrading yourself. When black people say it, it gives white people a sense of "oh maybe its okay if I say it because they said it." EVERYONE needs to stop saying it to make it go away. Not JUST white people.
Do you guys not understand the concept of this video. These aren't friends saying to one another "wassup my nigga" the term is used in a racial concept. Stop brining your negativity everywhere. Just because yall hear majority of African Americans say it to one another does not mean that every African American is okay with the word.
Exactly why I will never in my life say the word.
Just imagined this and you'll completely understand. The N word is the most offensive term used in describing our people throughout history. The fact that today the N word is used between blacks in a different terminology speaks volumes. That means the most offensive word used against us was turned into a positive word between black people and it still stings like 100 swords when a person of non color uses it in a negative way. Now imagine if blacks never said the word at all......and someone else uses it of non color negatively.....that's 1000 swords this time. The mere fact that a video like this had to be made..The Power of the N word.... ✊🏾
When black people are using the word "nigga", we aren't using it to insult one another. We are reclaiming a word that has been used against us for hundreds of years. It was term to keep us from growing and a constant reminder of how white people felt about us. White people should not be sitting there asking and WHINING about "well why do black people get to say it?" You should be sitting there and understanding why you shouldn't and why it's a word that is only allowed to used within the black community. Just how women are reclaiming the word "bitch" or "slut" the lgbtaq+ reclaiming the word "fag", etc. Each of those words hold a negative connotation that is specifically meant to degrade someone. By reclaiming it, we are decreasing how much of an insult it is. Each of those words (especially fag) is only allowed to be used by certain groups of people.
You shouldn't feel left out when we say "you can't say nigga". There is a very obvious reason why we don't want you to say and tbqh we shouldn't have to explain ourselves to you.
And also, what is with this obsession with wanting to call someone a nigga? You want a be a nigga so bad right? Do you want to fear for your life when walking down the street? Do you want to be randomly approached by the police for no reason? Do you not want to walk in your neighborhood safely without someone reporting you for "being suspicious"? Or no wait, it must be bc you want that one job where you're 100% qualified but lost it to Jack or Jill aren't dark skinned or named Jamal. Or you wanna be called "ghetto" and "ratchet" bc of the way you dress or wear your hair. Yea, that must be it.
Yet, most of you call each other the N word. It's a disgusting word. I cringe when ANYone uses it. I don't understand why you would use that word when talking to another POC! You're putting your own people down! I just hate that word. Disgusting. No one should use it! No one!

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