What’s Your Starbucks Name?

What’s Your Starbucks Name?
What’s Your Starbucks Name?
Published on 10/20/2017
What’s Your Starbucks Name?


I work at Starbucks. The only reason we don't get it right is if you don't speak up. Be clear and maybe then you shouldn't complain.
Dude, I worked at Starbucks and my coworkers would still spell my name wrong on my cup..
Sometimes I say "my name is Jeff"
Ain't nobody got time for that
Who really cares if they get your name right?
I call myself Adam. Just look at my name, nobody believes it, and they can't get it right either. Ida, Ide, you name it!
who cares? it's just coffee. not a tattoo. they're just trying to get your order n' get thru the day.
spoiled rotten,shallow people.
"they didn't say my name right! I'm mad. harumph!"
Someone needs to actually try this and record it.
I have been known to say Marko. They raise an eyebrow when they write it on the cup, but laugh when My coffee is ready and they call Marko and I respond with "Polo!" Before grabbing my cup
Haha, that was confusing.
I don't care if they don't get my name right I just want them to get my order right.
I said my name is "Fatema" , the guy wrote "Nutella" smh . I said it quite loud but may be wasn't loud enough for him ! Lol
I don't know why you all (Starbucks employees) have to go into defense? I think it's cool and I am always anxious to see what new name I might have :)
I always named my starbuck coffee "FREE"..
When its my turn to serve my coffee... 1 Dark Java Chip for FREE...
It's official...I will watch anything.
You just went full Brian Williams. Never go full Brian Williams.
The starbucks back home will purposefully spell your name wrong. They spelt My husbands name (Ian) eeyan one time 😂
One time she draw a car and put a LO in it to be carlo lol .. I think that was clever of her..
I work at Starbucks as well, and we do it on purpose. We may look stupid to the customer but we get a good laugh out of it. "Robert" --> "Rawburt".
There is no excuse for spellng Stephen with a "ph" as Phteven.
I just tell them that my name is Batman.
Every starbucks i've been to doesn't bother to write your name, they just call out your drink name I've been "Double shot iced white mocha with whip and caramel drizzle" for years.
Buzzfeed is getting annoying
If you get mad because Starbucks spelled your name wrong, then we have bigger issues here.
Too true
They always spell it wrong just because they know you will take a picture and post it on social media with a funny caption for all your friends to see. Free advertising!
I'll never understand why this is a "thing". Like, who cares if your name is right on a disposable cup that your going to throw away in a while anyways? Just don't look at it. It really isn't a big deal. I work at Starbucks. Sometimes people talk to quiet, have accents, or just have really complicated names. We're only human - we can't be expected to get everyone's name correct. Nope.
Forget if the name is wrong! Who honestly cares? They have like a billion people to serve.. they are going to mess up eventually.
If my cup has what I ordered I'm happy.
I also love little smiley faces or notes! Makes my day
Wow....I always found they never get my name wrong, but if they did who cares? It might be amusing! It's not an official government document or anything! (Just don't get my coffee wrong! LoL) :)
I just go with the name on their name tag, because you look really stupid for misspelling your own name.
You get your name spelled wrong because you whisper at the register. Speak up and speak clearly. Also, we are just trying to get the line down and drinks out as quickly as possible while being friendly. We got other things on our mind then wether your name is spelled right because two people behind is the dude that makes us write "The Man" on his cup because he think is funny and original but he is literally the 20th guy to pull that move this morning. And usually it is only 9am and we've been open three hours. :/ just saying
EVERYTIME ! one time i said my name is James Wong they write james mok im like the hell they changed my surname :/
Gaturdy... I think my name is hard enough
Am I the only one who came here to see if anyone has actually tried it?.-.
They get my name right and sometimes they even put a smiley with it :)
I told Starbucks my name... Brittany... and the lady thought I said "Britty" hmm
Ya, know working behind a counter with constant noise and music to muffle it does something to our barista ears...we really can't hear half the time people are talking. :)
People always spell my name Jose but they fail to realize I am not a Mexican boy
I got " Dan" once.. I had the biggest laugh about that.
Mean while Isis is beheading people and people are worried about star bucks getting their name right. idiots!
I always named my starbuck coffee "FREE"..
When its my turn to serve my coffee... 1 Dark Java Chip for FREE...
On April 1st we should all go to our local Starbucks and say our name is Jatyfar.
They spelled my name Andre once.
As long as I get a Venti caffeine they can call me what ever they want lol!
And if they do mess it up- get over it. Also- don't fck with people that handle your food. :)
Wow I really have to start taking care of my neurons. Thanks buzzfeed for killing the few left
Some people from Starbucks need to go back to school, my friends mum (Sarah) said her name is Sarah with an h and they wrote harah. Wtf?
Keurig is better. Lol
If you were up sense 4 am to work at 4:30 am until noon, have the grinder, blender, espresso bar, music going, people yelling, co workers shouting, and a line to the door, a line at the bar, then have a customer whisper "ice venti mocha, sausage sandwich, 2 bagels and a banana," then have to write the cup and bags AND enter it in the register quickly, then I ask for a name and get a "what? Oh... my name is... kohnngshsmal...." yeah geuss I'm awful for misspelling a name.
Lol that moment when I'm a starbucks barista I should put my name on my name tag jatyfar

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