What's In Your French Fries?

What's In Your French Fries?
What's In Your French Fries?
Published on 10/20/2017
What's In Your French Fries?


We get banana ketchup all the time! It's so good
Michael Biala
Hyunster French fries are out of this world
Ráveena Mansi veggie ? at 0:45
Tan Wei Sheng
Jasminee Yinn
Gabriela M. Recinos-Marin lover of fries
Woodstock Awoowoo Fontes
Loo Jian Zhang
well it's definitley not starch anymore lol get it? po tate toe! has starch in it fries are potatos. hahaha....no? aight
i love it
Finally .. Good news on one of my fav foods lol
Banana ketchup? I never ate fries dipped in banana ketchup.
Mark Mac mmm
Sharay Ali c1 please?
In the Philippines <3
Maria Vallejo
Priscilla Heung ur fav
Selena Lee Kitty Li
Warisha Amir fries before guyss
Qazi Ahtisham'Farooq Jamil Mian
See !! Dats y v r eatin it 😋😋Nikhil
Karin oh it explains nice..
Nicole Sparacio
Abraham Ostos :(
Oren Wei Wei
I live in Belgium, close to the museum 😂
Blanca Coronel :D :P
Brenda Buenrostro
I like to mix, steak sauce, Mustard, ketsup, and beer ... try it, you'll like it ...
what's in my french fries? deliciousness.
Emily A. Nixon
Paul De Mesa
Vamos unas papitaaaaaas Margarita Trujillo Florez 😍😍😍
Ruaraidh Campbell
Mahsa Kr
Oh Damn it seems all the fucks I give just flew away
Jalinna Jones
Benny Basil
Tin De Venecia WOOT.
Xochitl Albarran
Tally Wood Brittney Hassett
Yengger Vang
Crishelle Victoria Crispo banana ketchup?
Ema aisa kuch ho jaye on our unhygienic gola gandas :p
Vere Nice I'll still eat them
Mark Christopher potatoes are hardcore
This is for you Dennis Sorrentini

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