What Really Happened To Aunt Viv From "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"

What Really Happened To Aunt Viv From "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"
What Really Happened To Aunt Viv From "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"
Published on 11/24/2017
What Really Happened To Aunt Viv From "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"


She actually got fired for a break of contract xD when she got pregnant they worked it into the script however they eventually decided it was a breach and that's why she disappears after she gives birth at the end of the season. Although she was also considered unpleasant to work with.
Family matters and Fresh Prince of Bel Air both started with dark skin women then ended with a light skin women...
Personally I hated the new aunt Viv she came across too old and not caring for her kids! The old one was amazing, too bad Will and her didn't like each other :\
The craziest is the Judy Winslow from Family Matters she walks up the stairs never to return till sometime after turning 18 years old to do some "indie films"
I love buzzfeed but that was not funny
The new aunt Viv was horrible
"Shhh calm down, Marykate & Ashley are sleeping next door" LOL
Old aunt viv was alot funnier
"You didn't complain when I went off book last night, Brent."
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"oh my god. OH MY GOD! There is a huge diversity problem in television!" 'i love when they put real life issues in stuff like this that's funny yet still have you sitting there like.. dang...
"Do you know who Malcolm X is?"
"No, I do not."
"Ah, she's perfect!"
If didn't see why it was funny you didn't watch 90s sitcoms. You probably didn't watch this show. It was a huge inside joke you missed.
You wont even know Will Smith's name in five years!
Where's the funny part? 🔭
old aunt viv was better!
I also heard the original Aunt Viv "did not play well with others," especially Will Smith. :o
"I want a real love, dark skinned Aunt Viv love..."
She had a baby lol, but I loved original aunt Viv better
When light skinned aunt Viv showed up, the show sealed up all the ground it broke. It went from dealing with race, gender, and age, to dealing with the same crap all the white sitcoms dealt with. There were a couple episodes that were more than comedic, but not as often as they had been.
I think its funny how people think that this video is trying to portray the real situation and arguing as to what really happened. It's just a funny video people.
now what happened to becky in Roseanne?!
This was so stupid! I'm so #TeamOldAuntViv. The new one got on my nerves.
You can't do that to Aunt Viv!! She was the best!
Lmaoooo! I always wondered what happened to her! Old aunt Viv was so much funnier!
She needed to be in Theater.
This was incredibly stupid...
"You didn't complain when I went off book last night Brandon" Lmaooo
Omg I always said daphne reid's acting was robotic. Toooo funny!!
Just like my wife and kids there was the light skinned daughter who became black skinned in the second season 😂 great way of hiding it 😂😂😂
"What are you gonna do? Put him in a movie about an alien invasion, where he saves the world on any giving holiday."
I cracked up! Independence Day!
The original aunt Viv was the best, regardless!
The thought we wouldn't notice a different aunt viv! I miss the old one she was the ish.
I thought she left because of problems with herself and Will
That pissed me off when they did that shit 😑
Monica you know I googled this exact thing yesterday to see why they changed Aunt Vivs character while watching it and today they posted a video about it! What a coincidence!
This is genius! I can't believe someone thought to "remake" this. Lol
Loved the old aunt viv. I was a sad little girl when she left :(
Can i be introduced to quinta pleas lol
Oh my god! hahaha xD but honestly she was fired because of Will. Still funny! xD I wonder this still happen in the process..
"You didn't have a problem with me going off-book last night..." hahaha
She got fired for getting pregnant and for making it known that the show was too Will-centered.
Wow I always wondered why smh always liked her better
Man old viv was the bidness
Gene Gutierrez Shelly Villalobos we all know will smith got her fired.. Because he was intimidated by a strong black female.
This may not be "funny" but it's the truth.. And they used a breach of contract to add to their case of why they fired her.
You won't understand it if you didn't watch the shows. So, it's not going to be funny for some. It's hilarious to me.
I met her in person once at a department store and she was extremely pleasant.
There is only one Aunt Viv.

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